Wednesday, 9 May 2012

solo play- protect the diplomats part4

ok posting this form school so a bit of a rushed.... but now as the action heats up the conclusion is just around the corner.
where we left off
 so now we carry on this little tale of war
grenades are deadly and awsome.
 the driver of the M113 is finaly pissed off. the RPG is a threat but he is reloading... so the lumbering APC rolls back and launches grenades at the rebels. killing those behind the car and taking out the RPG. but at the same time Fixed takes out another of my men. leaving one guy up at the cross roads.
Time to go
 Bean Castrae ted realizes that the jig is up.... he calls in the get away vehichle and instucts the driver to hold the diplomat. the driver has an LMG gut he is faced but and APC not an easy situation. Bean and fixed jump in and prepare to go...
bye bye fools
 Bean get away leaving the rebels to fight for them selves. the LMG may be alon and facing odds bvut he fights valiently
LMG's are still deadly even when they are used by idiots
 The rebel takes out my final soldier up at the cross roads. leaving only my APC, I see that the rebels in the bar are closing in I need to do something bold...
this is bold
 the driver rams the accelerator down sending the M113 right at the rebel holding the diplomat. frocing him to release his grip and run into the bar. the diplomat rushes into the APC and they speed, slowly away.
cue indiana jhones music.
 the rebels run out but it is too late. my guys are away. victory is almost certain just a favourable dice roll away from victory.
that is favourable
 a good dice roll
can I cover the distance????
 I can go far but I wonder if the distance will be coverable... it is so I can make it!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!!!
the victors. the victory is sweet

the rebels are blodied but not broken

uh oh this is not good
even though they lost the rebels effort has pleased Karri .C. Tuf. deals are made. the war has just begun.

there we go the BatRep is complete. a bit rushed but I am at school posting so it has to be quick... have a nice day.


  1. I'm not sure about the 'speed slowly away', dude, but it sounded just the way a confused scrambling street fight would go. Huge slice of luck for the Government guys - except the dead one's of course (mandatory 10 seconds silence for those who gave their lives for the good of the commonweal, yeah). Extremely fortunate for the VIPs. Bad luck on the Rebs.

  2. I wonder if there were any considerations by the rebels to just kill the VIPs, to at least thwart the government victory? Or if there were any rules for friendly fire? I always think about The Matrix. How did Neo unload that mini gun without hitting Morpheus?

  3. I'm glad the good guys won. I just hope the BM-24 does not get them as they walk home! Don't know if you played Ghost Recon Future Warfighter, but there are some missions taking place in Mexico quite like this. I'm looking forward to the developments involving Karri. Good luck

  4. @Ben. Karri owns the BM-24 so it won't get them on the way home. perhaps when they come back to clear the area it'll be waiting for them...

    thanks guys, the rebels did not want to kill the diplomats even as a last resort... the diplomats are from Rayonia, the rebel nation that split from Franonia, the rebels may have hoped that maybe they could kill 2 birds with one stone. get money from ransoming the diplomats and maybe getting more support from outside nations

  5. a hard fight! It's quite interesting to see that you're playing alone with small soldiers like I did when .... I was a child!
    Go on Gowan ! it's refreshing !

    1. thanks, I would have played with my father but he was at school. I asked him if he might like to play with me sometime, I think that one must do these things before it is to late. besides I'd beat him he spent his life as a protesting pacifist. I'll beat his army any day

    2. Currently all my games are solo too. There's a classic book by Donald Featherstone on solo gaming, you may find it very useful.

  6. Nice pictures and report Gowan! Those green guys look familiar to me :-D


    1. they should do as your painting some :-P well yours are far better than mine but as yours are for a dio I feel a little bit more adiquate.

  7. Sounds like you had a great deal of fun playing this action out! I know I certainly enjoyed reading about it!