Tuesday, 8 May 2012

solo play- protect the diplomats part3

well we all remember where we left off??? Good onto the next little bit...
one diplomat safe the other in increasind danger.
 lukily for me the free diplomat, due to a successful dice roll got the courage to run back over to me. the doors of the M113 open up and YES he jumps right in. One down one to go. but Bean Castrae Ted knows that his victory relies on him getting that hostage away. he shuffles over to the bar...
at the end of the turn I rolled for rienforcements.... but the rebels got to go first. Crap. an RPG and Bean Castrae Ted's hench man (far right) Fixed enter the fight.
 well I should have know that the dice would turn against me sooner or later. the roll for rienforcements turns into a great aid for the rebels. as Fixed, Bean Castrae Ted's second leads a new group into the fight. he enters on the right with the RPG at his side. that RPG could take out my M113 with ease. and get rid of my small force.
their AK-47's may not be accurate but they still hit something. a srey shot hits a guy
 just then the AK-47's finaly hit one of my soldiers, though not the intended target. he still wont be complaining he is hurt but not badly. Time for my improvised marker system...
the first LMG is down allowing the M113 to hide from the RPG
 the injured guy is really pissed off now. shooting through a window he hits the rebels hiding in the hotel doorway. with their first LMG gone my APC with diplomat and commander can get away from the RPG. soon the troops follow using the cover of the APC to hide from the AK-47's
just then the last guy by the cafe is killed. my guys run over the street dodging fire to get to the cover of the car.
 then more luck the rebel by the cafe is killed. my soldiers run over the road. they are shot at in a futile attempt by the rebels to hold them back. Bean Castrae Ted freezes due to a lack of courage. he knows that if he moves the sharp shooting soldiers will kill him.
my rienforcements arrive
 so as that turn ended I rolled for rienforcements. I got them YES. they entered with secrecy right behind the other rebels who must be wondering why the trap has not worked... one of the new soldiers is a medic, I hopped that he might proove useful especialy with the injured troop, but as you will find out he becomes more eye candy than eye surgen
bullets fly and cries are heard
 the guys are strait to business they sray bullets at the unexpecting rebels, not all hit their target but the shear quantitiy deals with any innacuracies. but have they all been killed. the smoke must clear first before we find out.
"they look dead to me sir"
 yes all dead. the truck diver is paralized with fear. firt he is shot at by an APC then bullets tear into his truch from behind. his rear view mirrors to not help him stay stronf either. those arn't rebels moving towards the cab.
my first loss but he won't be my last.
 just then one of the Rebels decideds that enough is enough. bullets rip into my soldier killing him instantly. but he won't be the last to die as the rebels find their mojo. they become more bold running upto the police car, shooting from a greater distance.
the RPG may have killed my guys but at least it did not hit the M113
 just then the RPG decides he wants some fun. he cannot accuratley hit the APC but he'll have a go. The rocket fires the deadly projectile lands only a metre away from the men... BANG!!! thier armour is useless both are killed. I worry as I am left with only 2 guys up at the cross roads. I know that sooner or later the APC will have to be bold
just then more rebels arrive through the tunnels. I am in deep trouble now. if they get out of the bar that RPG and LMG will be the death of my APC and troops I need help but where will it come from.
 I then rolled for rienforcements again the dice for me and the rebels were the same so....
but at the same time more of my guys arrive.

 we both got aid. they got more heavy equipment but they cam through the tunnels and were stuck in the bar. no RPG would be lauched from in there. the windows are to small.
run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the scania man
the new riencorcements were to much for the truck diver to handle... he speeds forwards turns in the alley and drives at the troops, but with bullets coming at him he turns and speeds off. the last of their vehichles on the boards gets away.

well then everyone. part 4 is coming up soon


  1. Seems to be escalating into an all-out war! the government troops had better sort it quickly or they might have a serious revolt on their hands...

  2. The tension is really building, looking forward to more Gowan, really nicely done!

  3. they already do. hense evacuating the last of the foreign diplomats... these ones are from rayonia