Thursday, 16 May 2013

T-90A from model collect

Well its done! and despite the problems I have faced its been well worth the effort! And to celebrate the first Russian tank in Oronegro, its got a special base! A ruined factory, I hope you like it. Oh yes and there is one more thing I should mention... its blue :-) Thanks to Ben for this idea actually, he said I should do it like my Spetnaz and so although I left out the white that is what I have done! Oh yes and this being Oronegro this tank is not your usual T-90A no it's a T-90O, Just like the stealth challengers it has high-tech armour, advanced weaponry, the latest technology and an advanced Hydrogen fuel cell with diesel back up engine. making this tank not only equal to its western counterparts but in some ways better!

For more on the importance of these tanks go to this post: Russian tanks - Rebel factories, on my Oronegro blog
rolling through the ruins of a once busy factory this blue predator stalks its prey

being a civil war you have to win hearts and minds as well as impose your rule (do you like the juxtaposition)

A blue Russian tank... so its a Blue Red tank, and I am Blue Red Colour blind...

the fuel for the emergency diesel engine, which is used in case the hydrogen cell brakes.

I really like this tank. perhaps I shall get more.

I have done a post on the Oronegro blog about these... they are after all very important to WW3... more will be seen on that blog

And of course we need a comparison between this tank and its main rivals! the Challengers still have thicker armour but its no longer a case of one being far inferior! now all that separates them is the width of this armour. So now the Abrams and the Challengers have a lethal enemy. Can the Russian tanks now match the western ones as well as beating them with looks?
frst thing you notice is how the T-90A is shorter than the Challenger2

next you notice how the profile of the Russian is lower... that's due to the autoloader
Well there we go! I hope your all well, unlike me. off all week and it could take another 5 days before I recover :-(

Next up a ruined building for my friend in the Netherlands and then the Leopard 2 A6! the T-90 is going to have some serious competition in the looks department.

have a nice day/night!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The other blogs. the story and seeking help

Well to put it simply I am using this blog to advertise my two other blogs... Why because I can and I want to raise awareness of them. But there is also another Reason, I am looking for help developing Oronegro. That's right, I want your ideas! Why because I really do want Oronegro to grow into something we can all enjoy! How I would do this? when? or even why? is still something I am struggling to sort out. But the main point is... Oronegro can not remain mine alone, and I don't want it too. :-D
I needed an image, thought this would do.
first up the Oronegro blog itself! Oronegro a land of war its got all the information on Oronegro that I have decided is fixed in stone! for facts this is the place... but that does not mean that there are uncertainties, plans and other aspects of Oronegro as yet not fixed into the storyline. I have not added stuff in a while because I am still thinking of what to add, but if some of the ideas I make up and discuss in the next blog are approved I may add some stuff soon.

this brings us to the ideas and projects blog. Gowan's Projects and Crazy Ideas. first up this blog is not just about projects and ideas, its got lots of stuff, even things that I am thinking of getting. This is the blog that drives me forwards, here I get help and ask questions. you may have noticed my last post there discussion Oronegro sci-fi this is my latest discussion and one I really do want your input for. so if you like head over there and take a look.

I have also opened up comments to allow anonymous persons to comment on all my blogs once more. The spammers may come back but I'll just go back to deleting their comments and if it gets as bad as it did I can always close the anonymous comment ability again.
Note that the nations surrounding Oronegro are not my own, do not play with them. (except you Ion they are yours)
To start with the opening up of Oronegro to all, I will allow anyone who wishes to use the land of Oronegro as a battleground for their Russians and Americans or even other forces. good places for this are the desert like south around the town of el Minero (mountainous as well there) and the newer quite bleak cities like El Granproyecto. feel free to use the land of Oronegro. if you have any other ideas or plans just ask me and I'll see if you can use them... Feel free also to ask for using Oronegro is different era's the history of Oronegro goes right back to the end of the 15th century, go see the Oronegro blog for details on that.

once more have a good day guys! any questions or tips go to the projects blog or ask for my email and contact me with that... I have no face book so don't look for Gowan there (you'll get the wrong one)