Sunday, 15 September 2013

I'm still here... a Ruin and a grand overview of Oronegro

Well first things first I am appologizing for not being active recently. I have been up to my eyeballs with work and as soon as I clear just a little, my sister leaves minecraft on the computer and it just draws me in like a fly to a light... so yes clearly I have problems to sort out there but during this time I have got some work done.

Well I guess another thing to say is that if you were expecting a nice small post with a few pics I am sorry but this may just ruin your day. 17 pictures and a lot to say, so lets start it off with the RUIN!\

The Ruin is made from cork floor tiles salvaged from when we ripped up the floor in there. other materials include sticks, bamboo scewers, brown packing paper, card (various types), thin plywood, filler, wire mesh and kitchen towel (more paper). not the best built ruin I must say but for a first go its alright. the figure for scale is actually from Emmett (Winttrix) who was selling his old models. I bought a few figures, a helicopter and some Bren Carriers, which i am sending to Michael. Some of the figures were already painted with a few patches where they had been damaged, so my job was to patch them up and get them ready to go again.
I found the cork quite a nice material to work with. easy to cut and stick together.

examples of the way to get the ruin effect, breacking the cork by hand looks (left wall and front) more realistic IMHO than cutting (wall on the right)

I also decided to add some details, on the roof are some sand bags with some nasty spikes. it looks simple because it is, card wrapped in kitchen towel and some sticks. ok the painting is bad but i forgot about my colour blindness and assumed it would all look good in th end. (ps lines on wall to the left are the glue for sticking the tiles to the floor)

perhaps the best angle for viewing the ruin, the curtains are made from packing paper. nice and easy.

the ladder is very large compared to a figure but is more for show than to be 100% accurate.... its so you know there is a ladder (you can sometimes get a fig to stand on it also)
 Now lets take a closer look at our friend here! he was the least damaged of the figures and the most painted... so a simple bit of nasty Tamiya primer and some paint to cover the metal that showed through and he was ready againt to see action! since I took these photo's (a while ago now) I have fixed up a buddy for this guy and almost completed some of my own figures from the Elhiems I got sent. All very nice figures I must say.

Special forces, Merc, rebel, PMC who knows this man could be any of these.

Remember most of this is Emmett's work, I just patched him up.

well there you have it. Emmett stopped posting pictures on his blogs last year so I am happy that I can show off just one more bit of his excellent work
 Now onto the overview! these pictures are even older but still well worth a look! This is all of Modern Oronegro minus the city boards and the terrible little river boat I did ages ago... if you don't remember its the green one which I photographed with a rubber duck.

it is big! very big! and for some reason its not enough... perhaps its good I am going to university next year. that will limit how much I can do.

newer work stands by older work as we look over the National side

the lynx is there also, it was the newest part of the overview.

now to the rebel side. the Spetnaz and russian T-90A standing out against the rest of the rebel forces

rebel armour advances. this battle would A) not occur at any time except when everyone agreed to it and B) be a nightmare to be part of.
Now for some action and detail shots! first up we have some pictures of the aircraft of oronegro. then some shots of the chaos on the ground.

2 jets, 1 Spitfire and 2 helicotpers (sort of)

view along the rebel advance! I seem to have reversed the laws of stereotypical cold war style warfare by making the Russian's the blue team... well I guess that means I have to paint the US soldiers Red.

fighting back the UN Germans and other troops hold the left wing of the national army, in the distance the black angels unload and prepare for what must be the most chaotic fight in Oronegrean history.

and the view from the National right. they have the better position and armour but still this is not going to be an easy fight
Well thats all folks. hope your well and happy and I hope that I might post more frequently and visit more frequently but seeing how busy I am I cannot promise that. anyway have a good day/night everybody.