Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sulpt number2 repaints, new paints hero's and villains so much in a post

Well for now at least my illness' are at a low so I have plucked up what energy I have to present to you my recent work :-) still a game report to come but I have no energy for that and this is already going to be a HUGE post.

First up sculpt number 2 an angry Hispanic mama, not so tall but she makes up for what she lacks in stature with aggression. This is not based of anyone I have met (sort of).

A comparison with James.ep3 shows that she is much shorter than my first sculpt. I am simply going to call her the angry woman as I have no name for her just yet!

I used tin/aluminium foil for the clothes and hair which is much better for fabric than trying to sculpt the due-kit.

size comparison with a Caesar fig, looks like her husband came home a bit too late.

Now it is time for some of those hero's and villains, first up a figure that is either a villain an agent for the government or a detective. here a villain with his guards he is in an alleyway when he comes across the husband of the angry woman. he forces him against the wall and gets ready to execute the lone man when on the other street some lone warriors hear the commotion! they would make great hero's, mercenaries, special forces and even guards, though they are a bit too heavily armed for that role.
after a harsh beating the man goes into an alley way only to find himself once again staring death in the face

is this the end?????
on the left we have a converted figure it's a Caesar special forces riot policeman with a knife, and the head is from the Esci NATO ground crew. On the left is another Caesar special forces fig, this one has the HK MX-8 which although not introduced into the US army in the beginning found it's way in later and also into the hands of many special forces and rich contractors and mercenaries.
spot the sight? nearly all pictures do not show it but finally one did :-)

they are about to go around the corner will they be spotted??? with they save the mans life?
the story will have to be finished another time perhaps
here is the guys all lined up, that man still fears for his life.
the detective/ evil villain/ agent with his guards in black.

 Next up the ground crew's and NBC teams of the Rebels and the nationals. first up the rebels which have 1 repainted NBC soldier and a newly painted NBC ground crew overseer. then it comes to the nationals which have a large selection of repainted soldiers and ground crew with a trio of new comers to the group.

these two are up to no good, lets hope that their scheming can be stopped!
a sound comes from near by and startles them!

I know it is a dark shot but in this one it is easier to make out the writing on the board.
the street is full of activity
work is carried out on the tank while dogs patrol the area they know that those rebels are close!
behind the guards the team is hard at work fixing up the bearing for the turret

the newly painted figures use the much more detailed version of Oronegrean camo.

while the repaints have the blotchy version

The problem with my dad's camera is the focus :-( why does it always focus on the thing that is obviously not what I am trying to photograph.

a better shot of the tank, really shows how big this beast is!

the New guys

the repaints
and the rebels
 All together now!

there you guys go hope your all feeling well even if I am not. now just to put this on the forums... Doh!!!!
Well an AAR to come from a game where I and a friend versed some rebels controlled also by myself. I am making a special forces cavalry man as we speak along with general painting. and now onto the followers

Welcome to Anne O'Leary she has a wonderful blog, sense of humour and seems to keep the squabbling children Ray and Fran in order. take a look at her blog Anne's Attic well worth a look
Greetings to Steve (Steve's wargaming stuff)  from you guessed it Steve's wargaming stuff the only problem is that the link appears not to work or the blog no-longer exists, is it gone or have I got the wrong link.
hello to Kerem  from Linen and wood, miniafv and Plastic soldier.

That brings me to 51 followers so unfortunately I was not able to make the big 50 followers post in time but hey 51 is still an achievement :-)
lets hope this secondary infection clears soon guys so then I can get back to posting on a more regular basis. Coming up is my sisters birthday so lets hope that I am better for that.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Blogger is here to stay

there I hope I answered all your questions, I shall not be making a site of Storylane and I will be posting loads of new things soon, including sculpt number 2 repaints, new groundrew, a little game I played with a friend, his first so we worked together, and some special characters.

I hope that your all well, because I have gone down with another flu, the downside of moving to another country is getting all the new viruses :-(

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A New Blogging System???

This is a very important post for everyone, I have just received and email from the CEO of Storylane, they allow people to create websites which like blogger give the users the ability to post content under headings.
WHAT I WANT YOU ALL TO TELL ME IS... Should I drop blogger for this new System, I am not sure as I know how hard it is to get all the content from one place to another and I am not sure how easy it will be for you to all access the new site.

SO the question is "to be or not to be?" should I go down the storylane route and leave blogger or carry on using this great tool?


on a lighter note I have got some more work coming up, a real mish-mash of different work to show but let us hope that I can present it in a coherent way.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Challenger 2 and a crashed helicopter.

 First up the tank :-)
well I finally got around to putting that nice trumpeter Challenger 2 MTB kit together. What a beautiful kit, my friend game me a hand painting the black base coat before assembly but my gluing ruined some of his work and in the end I had to redo the base coat... anyway onto the stories you love so much.
Oronegro is much famed for her arms building, 20% of the population (25,300,000 people total) work directly in the production and testing of arms in Oronegro. Tanks of coarse are a huge export and as such so too do they become easily available to the Oronegrean army. the newest and best tank available in the Challenger 2 O2 which is basically a challenger 2 tank given the most advanced armour and technology Oronegro produces (so pretty all the best stuff around). AND an advanced Hydrogen fuel cell!!!!!!!!!!!!! allowing the tank to travel at at least 80km/h with a range of about 700km. there is also a back up V-6 diesel engine that can propel the tank at 15 km/h with a range of only 100 km. drums on the back also contain diesel for emergencies should the hydrogen engine cut out. This tank is a match for nearly all other tanks in the globe, it was planned for British service and a "prototype" (a copy made in the UK) was made in 2020. The tank entered Oronegrean service in 2016 and by 2020 there were 135 in service by 2020.
BLACK AS NIGHT well apart from some white reactive armour, this tank is coloured to intimidate

well not that a tank is not intimidating anyway but the colour does add to its terror factor

on top are the aerials, which I made from some copper wire, also the advanced imaging systems, infrared for the gun and other systems with blue screens

there on the mud guard is the Oronegrean flag :-)

nice and dusty, not much mud because the black tanks are normally used in cities or at night, most Oronegrean tanks have camouflage

the red fuel tanks full of diesel for the back up engine

the reactive armour on the side is painted white to act as a target, which means that the untrained rebel will aim for the best defences

top view, showing the tank in all its dark glory and the grey marks from the tank tracks

Of coarse no photo shoot of a tank would be complete without views with the turret aimed sideways

you can just about see the blue periscope for the driver

one of my favourite shots
 The helicopter
the crashed helicopter, its made from a little cheap die-cast which my friend picked up at the side of the road while we were walking the dog! so a free little bit of terrain, all it needed was a bit of paint and paper to make this run-over toy into a nice little bit of scenery. I did Wonder if it was big enough but it fits in well, and it lends itself to some scenarios such as saving some news crew who were in a helicopter that was blown up or perhaps  the helicopter contains some very important documents that must not fall into rebel hands or the other way around.

some rebels use the helicopter as cover in another firefight in the city

the smoke and flames are made from kitchen towel with a bit of super glue and PVA to get them into shape

this view reveals the old run over toy that this scene was made from

hmm I don't think that its going to fly anytime soon
well there you go, I still have a selection of figs to show you but they will come soon. Holidays over :-( but only 3 weeks until study leave so then I will have time to use models as a de-stress for the small breaks between hitting the books. hopefully with pens and pencils and not my head due to frustration.

greetings to mk_Ozkir from Linen and woodminiafv and plastic soldier he is also from turkey so another follower from that transcontinental country.

Monday, 8 October 2012

UN Germans

these figures represent the German peacekeeping force sent to Oronegro in 2022, they are well equipped and wear the German armies new jungle/tropical camouflage! they are mostly used in controlling checkpoints within the larger cities, however with the outbreak of total war on Europe in 2022-2023 they were stranded in Oronegro. this has caused them to become more involved in the conflict and although they never go onto the front lines they can still be seen behind them and in more unstable areas in the cities.
sorry about not posting these earlier but first I had to ask my dad if I could his camera, then we had to find the camera (found in the car yesterday)  and finlay we needed the adaptor which was at collage, which my father picked up today, so sorry for the delay, here are the figs :-)
the streets are filled with an unfamiliar language, dogs bark and sirens go off in the distance

The German force in La Ley has been sent to deal with a potential car bomb

all ways are checked, no cars must be allowed close, all civilians and potential rebels have been removed

these 3 were found they must be searched, any could have a devise to remotely detonate the bomb

the bomb disposal team is hard at work if a bomb is in the car it is small, but nothing can be left to chance

voices come from a building and some soldiers go to see what is going on

all eyes and ears are tuned to any threats

and of coarse they all bear the German flag on their left arm.
there you go the Germans, back to school next week. I hoped to get more figures done but unfortunately my friend introduced me to a new addictive computer game and so y plans have been ruined :-( damn anyway back to the normal routine soon so figures will again be on the production line... instead of games. OH and we have found that part of the floor was completely rotten, so the house has been in chaos, and so painting would have been difficult anyway.

Friday, 5 October 2012

germans done pics soon!

Title says it all I hve completed the germans and now all I have to do is beg my father for use of his camera, mine has once again run out of battery power. anyway, I am proud to say they are done... so pics of them soon, then perhaps the repainted NBC ang ground crew and finnaly I've got sculpt number 2 to show you. so bussu bussy bussy and I'm on holiday so maybe a few more figs will be on display... oh and as for that little set up of 3 figs on a coin, well I think I shall paint them up for one year of ORONEGRO which will be coming up next year. :-)