Sunday, 14 October 2012

Challenger 2 and a crashed helicopter.

 First up the tank :-)
well I finally got around to putting that nice trumpeter Challenger 2 MTB kit together. What a beautiful kit, my friend game me a hand painting the black base coat before assembly but my gluing ruined some of his work and in the end I had to redo the base coat... anyway onto the stories you love so much.
Oronegro is much famed for her arms building, 20% of the population (25,300,000 people total) work directly in the production and testing of arms in Oronegro. Tanks of coarse are a huge export and as such so too do they become easily available to the Oronegrean army. the newest and best tank available in the Challenger 2 O2 which is basically a challenger 2 tank given the most advanced armour and technology Oronegro produces (so pretty all the best stuff around). AND an advanced Hydrogen fuel cell!!!!!!!!!!!!! allowing the tank to travel at at least 80km/h with a range of about 700km. there is also a back up V-6 diesel engine that can propel the tank at 15 km/h with a range of only 100 km. drums on the back also contain diesel for emergencies should the hydrogen engine cut out. This tank is a match for nearly all other tanks in the globe, it was planned for British service and a "prototype" (a copy made in the UK) was made in 2020. The tank entered Oronegrean service in 2016 and by 2020 there were 135 in service by 2020.
BLACK AS NIGHT well apart from some white reactive armour, this tank is coloured to intimidate

well not that a tank is not intimidating anyway but the colour does add to its terror factor

on top are the aerials, which I made from some copper wire, also the advanced imaging systems, infrared for the gun and other systems with blue screens

there on the mud guard is the Oronegrean flag :-)

nice and dusty, not much mud because the black tanks are normally used in cities or at night, most Oronegrean tanks have camouflage

the red fuel tanks full of diesel for the back up engine

the reactive armour on the side is painted white to act as a target, which means that the untrained rebel will aim for the best defences

top view, showing the tank in all its dark glory and the grey marks from the tank tracks

Of coarse no photo shoot of a tank would be complete without views with the turret aimed sideways

you can just about see the blue periscope for the driver

one of my favourite shots
 The helicopter
the crashed helicopter, its made from a little cheap die-cast which my friend picked up at the side of the road while we were walking the dog! so a free little bit of terrain, all it needed was a bit of paint and paper to make this run-over toy into a nice little bit of scenery. I did Wonder if it was big enough but it fits in well, and it lends itself to some scenarios such as saving some news crew who were in a helicopter that was blown up or perhaps  the helicopter contains some very important documents that must not fall into rebel hands or the other way around.

some rebels use the helicopter as cover in another firefight in the city

the smoke and flames are made from kitchen towel with a bit of super glue and PVA to get them into shape

this view reveals the old run over toy that this scene was made from

hmm I don't think that its going to fly anytime soon
well there you go, I still have a selection of figs to show you but they will come soon. Holidays over :-( but only 3 weeks until study leave so then I will have time to use models as a de-stress for the small breaks between hitting the books. hopefully with pens and pencils and not my head due to frustration.

greetings to mk_Ozkir from Linen and woodminiafv and plastic soldier he is also from turkey so another follower from that transcontinental country.


  1. Really nice made models Gowan!


  2. Great job mate, and good work witht the hand painted decals.

  3. I really like the way you have used painted paper towel to represent a blazing fire on the helicopter - it looks really good. both it and the tank are two excellent additions to your growing collection.

    1. thankyou, I was concerned about the paper towel to begin with but it ended up looking nice. thanks I also hope they make good edditions to the collection.

  4. That Challenger is one mean looking machine, and no mistake. Who knew that Oronegro would supersede China as the most powerful military economy and foremost arms trader before the close of the third decade of the 21st century? Nostradamus, of course, predicted as much...

    There is something about giving a broken and abandoned toy a good home and new purpose in ... erm ... life... that warms the cockles of the heart, so it does. That's an impressive little vignette as well as wargame piece, Gowan. A bit of landscaping on the base (still allowing figures to be placed on it ad hoc) and it will be spot on.

    1. please note that while 20% of the population of Oronegeo works in arms manufacture that the majority of these are what is called company farmers and suppliers. large manufaturers like Armas nacional which is a state industry own farmland mines and other facilities to supply the factory with the needed materials and the food for the workers.

      so perhaps not as large as china in terms of arms manufacture but still important.

      Also I agree with the toy resurection it is very nice to know that something that was going to be thrown away has found a new role

  5. A sinister looking beast Gowan, the chopper looks great as well.

    A good weekends work.

  6. Nice aditions Gowan. I like the urban theme of the Challenger. The helicopter is a good save, nothing like free scenery!

    1. thanks ben. I wonder how efective such a pattern would actually be??? also I agree that free scenery is great. every dollar saved on scenery means one dollar saved up for kits and figures... of coarse one dollar saved in general is good :-)