Saturday, 28 July 2012

how to: shingled roof.

shingled roofs are a very common type of roof, whether, wood, slate or metal shingles are an easy way to make any building look real. so let me show you how I make them...

  1. card (cereal boxes are good)
  2. PVA glue
  3. scissors or a craft knife
  4. paint
  5. and a surface you want to roof
Step1: cut the card into thin strips, you could use a paper shredder to make it uniform but where is the fun in that?
sorry about the fuzzy pics
 Step2: find the correct length for the roof, then cut appropriately
this is the roof to the corner shop the one that used to have the black tarpoline over the top, I decided it needed replacing
 Step3: cut the card but not all the way across so that you make it look like a series of tiles. I recomend you leave a good 2-3mm of uncut card at the side
really really sorry about the pics, it's hard to work and take photos at the same time

this is the desired result!
 Step4: carry making small cuts along the strip of card, once done glue down onto the roof
there we go now just loads more to do
 Step5: repeat the previous processes but glueing each new strip of card lightly further back than the other so that it hides the uncut area.
getting there

sometimes adding more card underneath is necessary to get the right gradient
 Step6: keep going until you reach the edge, then cut a thicker strip of card and fold it over the edge, then cut the whole side that is over the roof. if you are making a normal roof cut the strip into rectangles and fold them over the top
you should end up with something like this after a while
 Step7: paint in whatever fashion you like
here is an example I prepared earlier the church roof.
there you go guys hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Native soldiers and a crude anti tank gun

Yes I have got them done the native troops I have long said I was paining are done. not as good as I hoped the spears I was going to give them were not the right shape. but never the less they are done and I can now show you them.

Oronegro's jungles are a dense and disorientating mass of life that only a handful of people know their way through and the majority of those are criminals, but there is another group who may not know all the roads but they do know how to make the paths, these are the native troops. These men and women (OK I do not have any females but there can be female soldiers) come from the small tribes that live in the forests north and south of the river valley where most of Oronegro's farmland and infrastructure is located. experts in bush craft, hunting, ambush and night fighting they are now often being called upon to aid in the urban warfare in the major cities as regular troops fail to hold the line. in some cases an elite they find themselves at a disadvantage in the city with their old equipment and lack of body armour. so here they are.
street fighting is a far cry from stopping drug gangs in a humid valley during a storm but these guys can adapt to their new task

with them is an anti-tank gun they got from a small company that is made up of workers from an arms factory still loyal to the government

whatever comes their way they will oppose

this is the star of the soldiers, his camo came out well

made up from Airfix WW2 Africa-Corp troops given to me by David they are now native soldiers

I hope this gives you a better perspective

and now the gun, I have worked on the camo for this

cannibalised from an old toy car and other things this rag-tag creation is common place in the cities where weapon factories provided employment to a few thousand people
well there you guys go I hope you enjoyed this post. NEXT UP SPETNAZ!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

bathtub misadventures

well my entry into the duel on Benno's figure forums duel was totally inferior to the entry of my opponent and the results showed it. Though my opponent did get an additional month for his entry, he did forget all about the duel so I think he's won justly. next time I will work much harder and actually enter a dio or something. so here are the pics...
I will include a tutorial at some point I promise
Oronegro has giant ducks?????
ooh it's just the bath... hey where has the water gone.
I was going to do the photos in a full bath but I feared the water might dissolve the paint or at least ruin the paint in some way. YES IT SHOULD FLOAT!!!!! but of coarse here was the winner with 20 votes to 7 here is Zachary's (ZachB) entree into the great areana
so much work has been put in I never stood a chance
well done my friend. and to the rest of you I hope you all learnt a valuable lesson. if you want to win a duel verse me!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

time for take off.

well Oronegro would not be a modern nation without airpower so I created one for it. it is very small right aircraft an old harrier jump jet. built in Oronegro intended for the Royal Navy however recent events have put it into service with the national forces. I would like to think that I have given it a roundel that has not been used by another nation but if it is please tell me... so here is the plane
commotion on the tarmac (wooden table) as the groundcrew prepare the jet for take off.

guards stand ready, even these safe bases can be attacked without warning

the plane is ready, lets clear the area and take to the skies

it flies into the sky, with a view of a giant building in the disance

there is the threat a giant cat... his name is montyzooma
well there you go. hope you all like this post. I have a euro-fighter typhoon somewhere in the house so maybe I can find it.
and welcome to my new follower Commissarmoody from commissarmoody blog nice to have a new follower this brings the number to 41 I think I have somehow added myself as a follower.
also cheak out last war chronicles its a cool site, devoted to WW3 with zombies, robots and aliens it a a cool place, go take a look!!!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012


sorry to all of you who are eagerly expecting the native unit, I am still painting them. they are a nice bunch but the old Airfix plastic is not kind to my paint.

but lets get on with showing off my snipers for the National forces. they are a strong bunch these guys ready to stay in one spot for days if necessary. they were a bit of a pain because I tried to do a cool camo pattern which started off with a was which my artist paint plastic hated and wrinkled when it was applied. so I had to compensate. so here they are.
the roof tops are normally the last place you want to be when the hinds are hovering but for these men this is home

nobody told them that it is totally unnecessary to have 5 snipers in one spot

but as they say the more the merrier. I have no clue who said that but if I was a rebel I would prefer only 1 sniper to be there

well here is a single sniper as you can see no recognisable camouflage pattern, this is due a) to the fact Oronegro cannot look like all the other nations for games and because I cannot achieve those patterns with my paints

this is odd... he appears to be on a giant table
there you guys go. these figs were a mix of figs sent to me by David and Dobromir. and to all the rest of you have a nice time. I am on holiday and relaxing though my figure paining has dropped off due to my friend staying here and my current homework dilemma.