Saturday, 14 July 2012

time for take off.

well Oronegro would not be a modern nation without airpower so I created one for it. it is very small right aircraft an old harrier jump jet. built in Oronegro intended for the Royal Navy however recent events have put it into service with the national forces. I would like to think that I have given it a roundel that has not been used by another nation but if it is please tell me... so here is the plane
commotion on the tarmac (wooden table) as the groundcrew prepare the jet for take off.

guards stand ready, even these safe bases can be attacked without warning

the plane is ready, lets clear the area and take to the skies

it flies into the sky, with a view of a giant building in the disance

there is the threat a giant cat... his name is montyzooma
well there you go. hope you all like this post. I have a euro-fighter typhoon somewhere in the house so maybe I can find it.
and welcome to my new follower Commissarmoody from commissarmoody blog nice to have a new follower this brings the number to 41 I think I have somehow added myself as a follower.
also cheak out last war chronicles its a cool site, devoted to WW3 with zombies, robots and aliens it a a cool place, go take a look!!!!!


  1. looks like the roundel might be Swedish? blue and gold?

  2. Nice addition to the air force though!

  3. Definately a swedish roundel... ;-D Put a green dot in the middle and it´s a gabonease one. Nice looking jump jet.

    1. actualy it is sweedish but the old one used from 1914-1915 but not the current one so I am in the clear

  4. Let us salute El Presidente Felix del Gato, arriving by Boeing 727, escorted by a flight from the Oronegro Fighter Squadron... He's on a brief diplomatic mission to Oronegro, presumably to cement trade ties, discuss possible military cooperation especially against those Red Rebels in the back country borderlands...

    1. Whoops I missed the Montyzooma tag. El Presidente Felix del Gato y Montyzooma, then?

    2. hahaha very nice. I would have thought that a giant supernatural cat would have been part of egypts diplomatic arm, I know only one goddess was in the form of a cat but still you get the idea. at fisrt I though you were refering to one of your imagi-nations