Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Waiuku College athletics day or....

Never doubt my insanity!!!!!!! ah athletics day when our schools 4 houses; Rimu (red); Matai (green and the best!!!!!); Totora (blue); and Kauri (yellow) face off against one another. Today was athletics day and perhaps the only reason I am posting this is because I am too exhausted to do anything else. I have a few pics for you but not many and yes the first picture is of me... never doubt my insanity, and never think that I'll miss an oportunity to publicly humiliate myself.
as you can tell I was exhausted... running with a drum is hard.
 Now I know the photo is terrible... I didn't take it and trust me I wasn't ready... if you can't tell which house I am in from the colour well your more colour blind than I am. My ears still hurt from all the drumming I did today and I am going to pass out from overheating at any moment. But it was a fun day and what can I say but I just went mad!

I'll let you all know that my hair is not actually that colour.

Also that drum was perhaps the most important thing all day for me, first of all I can barely find a way to get it secure, using my belt to hold it. Later I replaced my belt with lots of string which was half decent but did mean I had to be cut free from the drum at the end of the day.

Well I hope your all having a great time and that your having nice weather.... sure the weather was nice but that was actually a problem with the heat and sunburn... not sure if I am burnt right now.
all the banners going up in the morning.

Totora seems to have got their students helping there was only 3 of us there early on and only 7 by the time the bell went

Getting ready for the 800 metres... I didn't come last which is amazing as that drum really was cumbersome... notice the people already running in the background

some of the 100 metre sprints... I did this also, came last but hey I was there for fun

more sprints... I'll tell you now that its not fun running in the mid-day summer heat.

and now let us cool off and relax, still some photo's from school but as you can see one of out nice gardens
 Well there we are then. I have now humiliated myself in public and on the web I am on a roll today!!!!!!

had a test for my new rules last night. pics will be posted soon, I realised I have to make some major alterations. I almost deleated all my pics and I have had to restage one, a key moment in the battle. but until the have a good day/night

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rolando and Giorgio

Giorgio and Rolando are other members of the Castillo family, more about them can be found here on the Oronegro blog. for those of you who just want pictures remain here. Rolando and Giorgio are from the Airfix wagon trail set, they were a joy to paint and I hope they look good to your eyes also
Giorgio on the left, Rolando on the right

I really like this new backdrop system, its merely 2 flip notepads one vertical an one horizontal

and here is the whole family so far, still 3 children and the mother to go... she is a scary mother as well
Well there you go a nice change from the rant that was the last post. on the soldiers side of things I got 2 more infantry done which brings me to a grand total of 6 so far with only 14 left to complete my first company. I also got a package from Michael or Mickey mouse for those of you on Benno's, which contained some Alamo defenders (great conversion opporunty there) which are better IMHO that the AWI militia available because their dressed for the warmth unlike some of the accurate figs, not that I would say no to that set id I was offered it... this is just a preference... SO this does mean another boat to the list the San Miguel or St Michael which means all I need is another boat on the to build list and then I'll double the size of my fleet when their done.

have a nice day/night

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


So many of you here may have heard this but Games Workshop is claiming ownership of the term "Space Marine"????? Now we know that they use this term lots BUT they did not create the term and its been around since the early days of Sci-fi BUT what does that matter? does it matter that millions of people will have read stories about Space-marines other than those in GW? Does it matter that many authors have used the term? Does it matter that its so generic that anyone could use it by accident.? OF COARSE IT MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!

Games Workshop is doing something another company tried to do... Now all of you in New Zealand may be aware of N'eck minute, right, you may also be aware that some company used that phrase without the creators consent and that they even tried to copy write it! do any of you remember that story on Fair Go? The response was HUGE the company had to apologise, give him compensation and give him royalties for that phrase when they used it... Games Workshop Will wither have to do the same, something similar OR... stop using the phrase... I know that's harsh but claiming something that is not your own is stealing and either you give it back and apologise or you get it taken away from you by force and then your punished.

What I am asking is that they stop this madness, allow the term to be used, compensate any author they prevented from having their work sold and apologise to everyone for "misunderstanding" or they should Drop the term and create a new one, which they can copy-write.

is that too much to ask? or does common sense and understanding count for nothing to them?


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rosa and her father

Rosa (Diosa) Castillo and Jose Castillo are members of quite a family, 6 children, numerous cousins and a nice pile of silver in the bank. Rosa is seen as perhaps a heroine in her home town and her father is a well to do trader. More can be heard of these two's lives On the Oronegro blog actually this time I highly recommend you look if you want to know the story of why little Rosa's nickname is goddess!
Posing for a painting, unfortunately for Jose he just had to be talking to his son Rolando when the painter asked for them to stop moving to allow him to paint

then for some reason once he had finished the first painting he asked them to come back another day so that he could paint them from behind... what a strange painter.
There we go guys and before I leave you to hopefully have a good day/night I'll make a special mention to Chikita now she does not have a blogger blog but I met her a few days ago and so we know of each others blog. here is a link to Messages to Mumbai her blog which is on wordpess, in which she talks about some very important issues that face us today, she is a peace advocate as well, she talks about bullying as well. So perhaps not for all my followers but I am sure some of you here would like to hear her words and see what she has to say. I myself am following her blog by email and would like it if perhaps some of you did too.

Well there we go! Today was a busy day, because of swim sports, I got Best Dressed Swimmer... you might see a picture either on the colleges site or in the news paper, all I know is that I looked ridiculous... all part of the job eh! Well hope your all looking forwards the week end, have a great day everyone!!!