Tuesday, 12 February 2013


So many of you here may have heard this but Games Workshop is claiming ownership of the term "Space Marine"????? Now we know that they use this term lots BUT they did not create the term and its been around since the early days of Sci-fi BUT what does that matter? does it matter that millions of people will have read stories about Space-marines other than those in GW? Does it matter that many authors have used the term? Does it matter that its so generic that anyone could use it by accident.? OF COARSE IT MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!

Games Workshop is doing something another company tried to do... Now all of you in New Zealand may be aware of N'eck minute, right, you may also be aware that some company used that phrase without the creators consent and that they even tried to copy write it! do any of you remember that story on Fair Go? The response was HUGE the company had to apologise, give him compensation and give him royalties for that phrase when they used it... Games Workshop Will wither have to do the same, something similar OR... stop using the phrase... I know that's harsh but claiming something that is not your own is stealing and either you give it back and apologise or you get it taken away from you by force and then your punished.

What I am asking is that they stop this madness, allow the term to be used, compensate any author they prevented from having their work sold and apologise to everyone for "misunderstanding" or they should Drop the term and create a new one, which they can copy-write.

is that too much to ask? or does common sense and understanding count for nothing to them?



  1. It's of a piece with certain types of Fat Cattist. Recall that Donald (get that hairy thing off'f my head) Trump tried to copyright 'You're Fired'. I'm not making this up. Further to that, Many Americans think American law should have global application. What about New Zealand Law, then, eh? What about German law, Russian law, Indian law, Malian law, Nepalese law. How about International Law? Oh, wait... we have it on the authority of Henry Kissinger that Internattional Law does not apply the the USA nor to Americans.

    And how about the likes of Disney and Warner billing people for royalties that Disney and Warner don't even own! Yep: the buggers have tried that one on.

    And, to end my rant: check out your employment contract some time. Guess who owns what's in your head. Yep. That's what it says.

    1. ye gods the world is a mess... I knew that the US has such an important military role that its wrong to question her actions i.e. any of her generals cannot be tried for war crimes! Now that's criminal but I guess that America's allies are not about to turn around and say hey get on the boat proper or we'll push you off any time soon.

      Sorry Ben if your offended or anyone else in the USA if you read this but don't you think its a little (very) unfair? lets face it as a UK citizen if I was to lead the armies of great Britain and commit genocide I'd be shot but if I was a US general no punishment, well except may dishonourable discharge. is that right? maybe something you guys could raise awareness about?