Sunday, 17 November 2013

Leopard 2 and Lynx attack of the cats

Well hello to you all! and I bet some of you are thinking what is Gowan going to post this time? well this may come as a shock but models are in the post today (crowd in disbelief). yes it's been too long but finally I have some thing to show you and I think it is a well rounded post including a Kit, Diecast and a figure, but also, a vehicle, an aircraft and and infantryman.

Well lets start off with my personal favourite the Tank! the Leopard 2 A6(M) according to the Revell box. But as with nearly all the tanks it's Oronegrean built and bred.  The kit was a bit of a hassel to build certainly the solid tracks were not nice to put together and I failed misserably at doing the whole warming and bending thing. (one worked OK but the rest snapped and have been glued into place). Another problem was the garage clear out that took place half way through construction meaning that the decals were lost and now are possibly out with the rest of the rubbish. So the tank has no markings or licence plates that would have been nice to add but one problem can be another opportunity. This tank because of its unique camouflage can be an Oronegrean tank, a German one or another nations tank. certainly what decals would have given the tank aesthetically is made up with new found usability.
a soldier for scale purposes... no decals but that doesn't bother me. it just makes this all the more usable.
This being Oronegro, the tank is clearly Oronegrean built so this is the Leoplard O3 with advanced gun, a lighter varient of the same nigh impenitrable armour of the Oronegrean Challengers and Abrams. Not to mention a ridiculous engine that makes the advanced hydrogen fuel cell of the challengers look sane. this tank is Nuclear powered! (extreme disbelief) now, now don't you worry not all are so powered many have conventional internal combustion or hydrogen fuel cell power plants but a few of these tanks incorperate nuclear powerplants... which I'll explain later and (as with the challengers) back up diesel engine.
this one was an interesting build with all the many parts... not the hardest kit I've made but not an easy one

noo the table is showing I thought I had got all shots with only white background

from behind
 Right lets talk about the engine as we're at that end of the tank (previous photo). it is nuclear but uses an element that does not exist on the normal periodic table, this element decays very slowly but gives off lots of energy, three rods are placed in the reactor which is shielded by a casing of ridicolouslydenseium  which shields the crew (though the reactor manager does wear an NBC suit for extra safety). only one of the three rods is ever active at one time, all three would potentially cause a meltdown. in case of an emergency or one of the rods going out of control the rods can be automatically loaded into special shells and fired out of the main gun (which has a shieled autoloader) these shells, if loaded into armed shells (there are two types eject, for emergencies, armed for using them as weapons) explode with a reasonably large nuclear blast. should all three rods be ejected the diesil engine can let the big cat limp away at a stately 15km/h.
the required "propoganda" shot
 Next up is a Lynx this is an advanced version based on the AH7. this one is built (wait for it) by AgustaWestland NOT IN ORONEGRO (more disbelief) this lynx has been given the most powerful, reliable engines on offer so that it can reach the top speeds of the fastest models, i.e the fastest of all helicopters. equipped with the TOE missiles (advanced version of the TOW) and a door gunner occasionally opens the door to cover the side (mostly they stay inside, its unnerving flying low at such high speeds)
Now this lynx came with helicopter magazine... I had a difficult choice as I had to choose between the lynx or a German eurotiger (would have gone well with the Leopard) but as I have an apache kit I thought another transport would be better and the missiles gave this one the edge. Now I do have a comparison shot later of both Lynx (what is the plural?) so you can see the difference.
this is a nice diecast, although I have had to cut and glue a few things here, I clearly got the runt of the litter.
 Now for the figure. Sorry about the photo's as I didn't get the lighting right. This man is Oronegrean Special forces (haven't decided which... marine?) who unusually for my figures has the Oronegrean flag painted on his shoulder. he's one of a few figures I have been working on for a while, real mixed quality as some of the figures had unexpected flash (strange for caesar figs) and were primmed with nasty Tamiya primmer (really thick sticky coat) but many are also conversions so it's interesting to see how they're turning out.
sorry about the lighting

still too dark but you can see the camo pattern reasonably well.
 Now for that comparison! Scale difference is minimal which is nice although clearly the new lynx is of better quality. I don't have any british forces in Oronegro but they along with many NATO forces were involved, so perhaps down the line I should get some. have the helicopter but no-body for it to support to transport. the old lynx is pretty generic though and despite its either Soviet or Polish origins its not too bad compated with the new one IMHO.
from above

different angle.
 All together now.
Rebels beware more forces have joined the goverments cause.
Well thats it for today.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Prizegiving... THE AWARD

well what can I say... a fortnight ago the school had it's senior prizegiving. a big formal event where the awards are given out. Well it went as expected though I did get up at the wrong moment luckily I realised though I still looked silly. Anyway I collected my humble endeavour awards (for working hard in my classes) and sat down not expecting to get anything else and just to be an average person. I was a little sad as I had hoped to do a little better... BUT THEN...
Well as you can see from the picture I clearly have an award. :-D it is a big one too one I never expected to get. Anyway this is the story...

I was sitting feeling a little glum though I was happy to see my friends and fellow prefects getting their awards. Then it came to the Principals award chosen by Mr Vanderlaan himself. for a student who has overcome adversity, still I didn't expect much but then there came the speech... (this is roughly what he said)

this was an award to a student who at his primary school was taken out of class to receive special help with his mental disabilities. Asperger's syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD which made it hard for him to socialise.

At this point I knew it was me, the smile on my face went from ear to ear (it would stay like that for a while too, fortunately its gone back to normal now) I also started to notice how the prefects next to me were one by one figuring it out also.

The speech went on for a while but when it came an end I rushed up on stage to applause, certainly a moment I shall not forget... I shook hands with Mr Vanderlaan and looked across my stage to see my dad being given the award to hand over to me. not knowing whether to hug him or be really formal I collected the award from my father and walked off stage... shaking... that was an emotional moment for sure. the prize-giving went on for a bit longer I watched good friends getting the top academic awards, but I was happier than ever, I didn't need 3-5 awards (our head boy Ethan did, or more, one of the nicest people I know)

Well that was a while ago, I was just waiting for the picture! the award I'll have to give back for the next year's recipient but I have a nice certificate and received $100 with it. Although now I am going through my BIG EXAMS so it's not all over yet. but I think that MY FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL EVER (apart from the exams and university which doesn't count) could not have ended in a better way.

hope your all well and happy yourselves. I have a Leopard 2 (my favourite tank) and another Lynx (a die-cast) to show off to you next so don't worry I will show some models on this blog soon enough :-D

happy, happy, happy, MAD, happy, happy, taken to the mental hospital, happy, happy, happy. (ok that's enough of that)