Wednesday, 17 July 2013

the Lynx!... or my first helicopter kit

Well if you saw it in the last post it may come as no surprise that its done. I had some problems with the old decals, namely that they disintegrated and didn't work at all. oh well its will have to be an unmarked lynx. no worries though that gives it more uses :-D Major things to note, first of all the kit didn't fit together well, bugger; the glass for the window doors fell in and was only luckily shaken into place where liberal use of glue was required to secure it, doubly bugger; one of the rear landing gear legs is longer than the other so the aircraft is leaning to one side, triple bugger; and that the cockpit was not given all the detail so I could not paint on all the struts, quadruple bugger.

oh well on with the photos!
Dropping off the Black Angels under the cover of darkness the high speed lynx is the best choice for these missions

the team leader gathers his men before setting off on another dangerous mission few others could handle

as you can see I didn't paint on all the struts, mainly because their were no lines in the "glass" for me to work with (also I had no masking tape)

without decals all details are painted on but despite the lack of detail its perhaps rather more useful with many rolls open to this aircraft

this shot shows the rather uneven joins and the tilt the aircraft has taken on

view down the side.

naturally a birds eye view of the bird. the rotors are attached in a way that makes them not so secure I had to add extra glue and paint before taking these photos

the mandatory flying shot! nice view of our lounge/living room, and the home-made book case.

and man with satellite phone. I have run out of credit on my phone quintuple bugger! and don't have the money to top it up. curse you ridiculous prices for using a mobile device, all we are using is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, are you going to make us pay for seeing certain colours? (then again I'm colour blind so I can't see some)
anyway hope your all well and not worrying about your own phones. To those of you suffering the Heat Wave in the UK (and Europe?) don't despair seasons change. though if it is part of global warming well then expect this to become normal, I also wish to include those long cold winters in that as well.

As for New Zealand well, chilly yes, had some extreme weather earlier this winter but its calmed down in recent weeks, perhaps you guys might want to come down here for the winter and cool off... don't forget to visit Waiuku and play where's Charlie.

have a good day/night everyone.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

NBC team, more mercenaries and a preview

mercenaries, love 'em or hate 'em their part and parcel of modern warfare. The two new mercenaries for today are an old Brit who is rather tall and an American with some rather odd camouflage. But not all of Oronegro's warriors are hired nor are all of them from overseas, some are local and lethal! Also up on the list today are some soldiers from a rather radioactive regiment. Generic NBC, similar is paint job to the Black Angels but with a white dry brush instead of a grey one (yes I was thinking of adding them to the black angels but I changed my mind half way through). so let me show you this unit first.
first photo, no flash, the guy on the far right is either there to de-activate a device or for removing the contaminant
 Well their not that great, 3 poses are unaltered strait from the Caesar Special forces set (old one) and 2 are my own conversions, both head swaps. I took 2 photographs, one with flash one without, mainly because some of the colours in the first were rather odd and seemed more vivid than in real life, due to low light probably.
the main roll of these troops will be to clear contaminated areas of enemies, dangerous material or other things that are found in such places. They could also be used for an elite rebel unit that is trying to emulate the Black Angels, though their is little chance they will be even near a match for one of the worlds best special forces units!
flash photo, less detail but the colours are closer to normal now.

Now for the Mercenaries! the Brit, in the beret, has managed to get hold of a complete though dated issue of arms and camouflage, probably from an abandoned depot, the American on the other hand has got a helmet and some pants that are distinctly modern while he also has some older chocolate chip gear. Though the two are not perhaps the most impressive or most organised soldiers on the battle field they are ready to fight, either for a cause or for some cash.
a bit of experimenting with the camouflage patterns here, both are wearing gloves, I normally forget to add gloves but it is more realistic

the low light, and the lack of flash means the camera takes longer to make photographs, which leads to blurry images as I do not seem to have the steadiest hands around

And now for the preview!
its the Lynx, which was either made in Poland or the USSR. the construction is complete, not without problems though (the 3 windows seen in the photo  fell into the cabin once it was stuck together and only with shaking and luck did they fall back into place where I glued them again).
as you can see, painting still needs to be done, I painted the body grey before construction to make it easier at the end but some things will need to be done. The front wheel is way too short and the side ones are not equal lengths (partially my fault, partially because the parts don't fit together well) so it does not sit evenly, but I am happy so far. I am a little suspicious that it is not 1/72 but having not seen a 1/72 scale lynx or the real thing, my comparisons with an NH-90 kit might not be the best (the NH-90 naval kit by Revel to be precise... still to be built)
this will be used by the Oronegrean marine corps
Well their you have it! hope you are all good. I have been a little low recently which is why I have not been on-line recently but now it the holidays oh wait perhaps I should put it like this...

It's the Holidays which means I have 2 weeks off :-) so lots of time to work on some models.

Now onto the formalities:
Hello to BiloRay from blodger corner and Kir's Miniatures welcome to this site!
Welcome to tsold2100 from somewhere? sorry once more I am having problems locating where people are from.

Welcome both of you to this site! Now in other news I have completed a map of Oronegro, the WHOLE THING! now I cannot expand any more, which is a good thing. That will be coming online shortly, I have also made most of the map for the colony, which will soon be online also, and then story work for that region can be done.

Well we're a few days into this holiday but its good that I can get some R&R. Hope your all well and that I haven't missed out to much of what you've posted on your blogs while I've been away.