Wednesday, 17 July 2013

the Lynx!... or my first helicopter kit

Well if you saw it in the last post it may come as no surprise that its done. I had some problems with the old decals, namely that they disintegrated and didn't work at all. oh well its will have to be an unmarked lynx. no worries though that gives it more uses :-D Major things to note, first of all the kit didn't fit together well, bugger; the glass for the window doors fell in and was only luckily shaken into place where liberal use of glue was required to secure it, doubly bugger; one of the rear landing gear legs is longer than the other so the aircraft is leaning to one side, triple bugger; and that the cockpit was not given all the detail so I could not paint on all the struts, quadruple bugger.

oh well on with the photos!
Dropping off the Black Angels under the cover of darkness the high speed lynx is the best choice for these missions

the team leader gathers his men before setting off on another dangerous mission few others could handle

as you can see I didn't paint on all the struts, mainly because their were no lines in the "glass" for me to work with (also I had no masking tape)

without decals all details are painted on but despite the lack of detail its perhaps rather more useful with many rolls open to this aircraft

this shot shows the rather uneven joins and the tilt the aircraft has taken on

view down the side.

naturally a birds eye view of the bird. the rotors are attached in a way that makes them not so secure I had to add extra glue and paint before taking these photos

the mandatory flying shot! nice view of our lounge/living room, and the home-made book case.

and man with satellite phone. I have run out of credit on my phone quintuple bugger! and don't have the money to top it up. curse you ridiculous prices for using a mobile device, all we are using is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, are you going to make us pay for seeing certain colours? (then again I'm colour blind so I can't see some)
anyway hope your all well and not worrying about your own phones. To those of you suffering the Heat Wave in the UK (and Europe?) don't despair seasons change. though if it is part of global warming well then expect this to become normal, I also wish to include those long cold winters in that as well.

As for New Zealand well, chilly yes, had some extreme weather earlier this winter but its calmed down in recent weeks, perhaps you guys might want to come down here for the winter and cool off... don't forget to visit Waiuku and play where's Charlie.

have a good day/night everyone.


  1. Nice, simple, model, and the yellow gives it a lift (yes, I know you need a bright colour so you don't walk, run, fly into the spinning rotors... ;-)) I quite like painting on my own markings, but it does require a steady hand, and binocular vision... To steady the hand I brace it against something (my knee, often, but a block of wood I've heard is good. I also brace the other end of the brush against my cheek (well below the eye). This doubly steadies the brush, but my dominant eye (i.e. the one that can see properly) tends to be looking straint down the brush. You can get very good accuracy that way.

    1. thanks for the tip, my main problem is dyspraxia which is the hand eye co-ordination version of Dyslexia (which I also have)certainly your tip will help though I am not too sure how good I can get knowing how sometimes my hand eye-coordination is not good at all.

      I am sure that you don't really need the yellow, you should be able to tell when the rotors are on, even if you can't see them well. but it does lift the model, and it is realistic so its added.

  2. The lynx looks very good! - and using the white background very lifted the photos. Enjoy the rest of your school holidays!

    1. thanks, the paper is one of my graphics A3 sheets

  3. Despite all the problems I think this piece was worth the effort and your photo's came out better with the white background. It takes some fiddling with, to get good pics, but it's worth it.

    It's hot here as well, but it's making my peppers grow so I'm not complaining!

    1. thanks Anne.

      well I hope the peppers turn out really well. I think people just need to accept its hot and then move on, if it means you can't go running around or spend to long outside then don't. I guess that unlike hotter countries the UK and Europe don't have siestas which would perhaps solve some of he problems

  4. Just build and already on a mission! Great work Gowan!


  5. I like it Gowan, you're right about the markings as it's use will be mainly on special ops missions, the heat is nuking me and my painting time.

    1. thanks Fran.

      if the Heat is Nuking you you should probably get out of the microwave... its a bugger but nature does her own thing.