Saturday, 30 June 2012

la ley en la ley

well every nation needs a police force even those in chaos. the title litraly translates as the law in the law, so clearly it must be about some cops, bobbies, pigs whatever you want to call them. Fred even. La Ley may be in a state of war with her streets covered with the cloud that is the shame of a civil war. but never the less the police do their job though mainly behind a big soldier with body armour. here are 2 figs both x-ww2 NAZI's but that is another story. A bit of alteration to the hat has produced a nice looking force of law enforcers, even though one is injured and sadly possibly a fatality :-(
the police fight for their lives after coming under attack from terrorists hidden in the buildings around them

one lies injured on the concrete. he needs help fast but the shot up car provideds no way of escape

the other fights on and waits for a moment to help his friend escape

the fire from the buildins dies down the two begin their escape one crawling the other on the alert

there we go guys a small eddition to my extensive La Ley/ Oronegro project. more on the may the promist natives are nearing completion and some snipers are ready to reveal to the world. then I just got some standard infantry to start and then russian Paratroopers (spetnaz) and then some german? peace keepers. so allot of work to do but hey why call it a project if it is easy and quick to do????
Once again thanks to David for these figs :-D

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

the black angels

Los Angeles Negros or the Black angels are the most elite fighting unit in south america. they are reputed to be some of the greatest in the world and are a fighting force not to be messed with, even by strong opponents. their main rol is strictly secret however they appear from civillian photage to be mostly involved in counter terrirism and hostage rescue opperations. yet this may just be due to the fact that these missions are normaly in the public view and are nigh-impossible to hide from the general public. Los Angeles negros have a permanent force stationed in the embassy district and as such are a ready fighting force in the governments struggle for control over La Leys streets. however there is always a mission, opponent or cause these men cannot deal with alone!
going up the stairs this elite unit exercises extreme caution.

once up they begin to search the building anything that is a suspected threat is dealt with immediately

doors are covered and all windows and holes are wathced

silence is the key to any mission and these men know how quiet they must be

the leader calls for a halt no mistakes can be made here

anything that stands in the way can and will be removed with deadly force if nessicary

they are called black angels because of. a) their uniforms and... b) their previous missions have seen them save the lives of hundreds if not thousonds.

I just love these soldiers and I cannot wait to use them in a game
One fact about them is that they are all trained in other sports or phisical activities. Free Running, ski-ing, athletics, rugby (because it is cool), rally driving, kyaking and more. they truely are increadible and some believe (though not disproven) that they are geneticaly designed for physical and mental ability.

Once again these figs are from a fellow benno figures forum member. Dobromir AKA Susu. thanks so much my friend. and I hope you enjoy your knights I gave you. :-)
so there you guys go enjoy!

Friday, 22 June 2012

National ground crew

Well we have seen the rebels ground support teams/ground crew so why don't we now take a look at those from the national/government's armed forces. These are an elite bunch of useful people who can get the job done even under fire (sometimes). and for that they are highly prised by the government and rebel forces who bribe them with big pay checks and other luxuries. As with my other works these are quite usable for other nations in South America.
The APC has broken down. guys rush in to fix it. even the air force send help in the form of a pilot and a worker in a blue uniform. And guess who is being aimed at again...

Get that APC fixed now! not exactly a nice comment from the boss but when an air force pilot has arrived to see what the hold up is about you know you need to hurry up.

That guy must be thinking... What have I done to deserve all this?

hm I don't know if anything they are doing is actually going to help.
there you go guys. the pilot if any of you were wondering is the guy with the red head (he is not ginger). this is concludes (all but a couple) of the Airfix Ground Crew sent to me by David. next up are some native troops from the indigenous tribes of the norther rainforest's of Oronegro and a special forces unit who are ready to be shown to you all but I'll give you a few days to soak this post in first :-D

Friday, 15 June 2012

the rest of the rebel team

well its about time I added the rest of these guys to the list of those presented on my blog. they are odd looking in their city environment but no matter lets just say that they are ment to be there. as before a big thanks to David for these figs :-D
a rebel convoy is directed through the streets towards a near by air force base

dogs patrol the streets looking out for trouble makers and potencial spies

the man with the paddles is not used to directing trucks but is doing well. his friend carries around a oil can just incase the slow moving vehichles need a top up

two pilots from the base stand and chat..... sorry I know my rebel pilots look like the  rebel pilots off starwars

oh dear a civilian has emerged from the shop just at the wrong moment

I hope that he likes dogs...
well just another update. I hope that you too can enjoy these little figs as they are proberly not likely to make an appearence in any of my games for the foreseeable future... only once a military base is set up they will... on another note the guards and the other green ground crew can be used by the national forces as well.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rebel Repair team...

well here we go. it has been a busy weekend of painting. infact I have got allot of figs done :-D now I am just going to present the first part of them... mainly because I am not sure how many I'll be able to get done this week. so the first lot are some Rebel repair guys, all dressed up in Orange. they wear NBC protection for working in those dangerous places and also they have a radio back up man to send info on their progress to others, he stands a safe distance away of coarse without the protection the crew has.
BIG thanks to David for these figs, sent by post from Portugal to NZ now that is cool. he also sent me some more figs later on but for now lets see these. (yes this is the Airfix NATO Groung Crew set).
oh dear the truck has crashed again... better send in the mechanics.

the radio operator stands well back those rockects contain very dangerous gasses.

how on earth did it end up like that???

the heroic crew after the repair. look not so shiney now.

so if you break down in Oronegro.... in a region controled by the rebels these guys will help you out
there you go folks that will be all. Recently I have been I'll but now I have recovered and I feel up to painting... Ok if you look at the projects blog I have not done any work on the embassies but give me a chance... you need to rescue team in case of emergencies, which I do not have. or do I???? keep you eyes glued to the blogrolls everyone. more are coming soon.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

rebel soldiers

well well well, it has been a while since the last post. but never the less here are some more figs for the civil war in Oronegro... the figs are some S&S model Contractors/ Special Ops with some head swaps to allow then to fit into my rebel army better. now before you go "some of them are wearing baseball caps" there is a reason for that (I just made it up :-P) the base ball caps mean they come from paramilitary units not standard army ones. so here we go the little rebel squad led by their commander who has a neck brace before you all ask.
all together. they mean business, especialy bancking

the commander and his guards. they are on watch, even in a photo shoot

"yes mum, I'll be home soon. just gotta shoot some guys" rebel on the phone. less accurate but more enraged. depending on the conversation

the commander, he got that neck brace after a fall in the hills surroundinf El Soldado

he'll make a nice edition to the forces
well there we go. now allot has happened since the last post. allot of new followers... so here we go!
greetings to Ben (victorious_secre) from Jen & Ben's wargaming figures some brilliant work a must see.
hello to Ender from enders games. thanks for following.

now last but not least, some important news. go to my projects blog for an update... I am starting the embassies. please get the names of you fantasy nations in now before I am constructing the buildings!!!!