Tuesday, 26 June 2012

the black angels

Los Angeles Negros or the Black angels are the most elite fighting unit in south america. they are reputed to be some of the greatest in the world and are a fighting force not to be messed with, even by strong opponents. their main rol is strictly secret however they appear from civillian photage to be mostly involved in counter terrirism and hostage rescue opperations. yet this may just be due to the fact that these missions are normaly in the public view and are nigh-impossible to hide from the general public. Los Angeles negros have a permanent force stationed in the embassy district and as such are a ready fighting force in the governments struggle for control over La Leys streets. however there is always a mission, opponent or cause these men cannot deal with alone!
going up the stairs this elite unit exercises extreme caution.

once up they begin to search the building anything that is a suspected threat is dealt with immediately

doors are covered and all windows and holes are wathced

silence is the key to any mission and these men know how quiet they must be

the leader calls for a halt no mistakes can be made here

anything that stands in the way can and will be removed with deadly force if nessicary

they are called black angels because of. a) their uniforms and... b) their previous missions have seen them save the lives of hundreds if not thousonds.

I just love these soldiers and I cannot wait to use them in a game
One fact about them is that they are all trained in other sports or phisical activities. Free Running, ski-ing, athletics, rugby (because it is cool), rally driving, kyaking and more. they truely are increadible and some believe (though not disproven) that they are geneticaly designed for physical and mental ability.

Once again these figs are from a fellow benno figures forum member. Dobromir AKA Susu. thanks so much my friend. and I hope you enjoy your knights I gave you. :-)
so there you guys go enjoy!


  1. Nice!

    May I ask where you obtained the SAS?


    1. I did state where but if you missed it... from a swap on Benno's forum ;-)

  2. I like them very much, the black jumpsuits are perfectly painted. Great job!

  3. Angles or Angels? I hate painting black on black, well done.

    1. Angels.... Black on black is really easy when you have 3 different types of black paint... one from the $2 shop (crap), one from the post office (decent) and some tamiya (nasty sticky stuff but looks good when watered down)

  4. Gowan - you might want to edit 'angles' to 'angels' - typos can really make a hash of meaning, sometimes (I have more than once had to edit and re-edit my own postings). But I prefer the appellation 'Los Angeles Negros', something sinisterly mysterious and scary about this outfit.

    At that 'angles' is not so inappropriate, neither, for dudes highly trained in making best use of the shadows cast in in doorways, alcoves and porches; in corners, edges and ... angles.

  5. Something else that I've noticed about your recent pictures. You seem to have a knack for creating an 'atmosphere' about your pics. It was particularly noticeable in your previous posting. It reminded me a nocturnal near-encounter with armed Turkish police one evening in Istanbul 20-something years ago. Nothing in it, you understand. It's just that your pic with the dude baled up against the wall has the look of some incident in a grubby back street in some murky corner of the world...

    Very cinematic.

    1. all were tacken on the same day, I closed some curtains and used my fathers black brief case to block out the back ground. it did give everything a dark and scary look even when I took the photos, all I needed was some fake smoke to complete the look

  6. Archduke is right about the pictures! They look very good, figures and pictures!