Saturday, 19 May 2012

el guardia azul and some NBC and support guys

well hello every one I am back to normal service now. with some rather special guys. first up "el guardia azul" a special rebel force that guards the old churches and important buildings their mission is to "protect and support the cultural and historical idols of the great land of Oronegro" though the mostly fight for the rebels they have been known to swap sides if they feel that is means protecting a national treasure!
el guardia azul. take their uniform design from that of the old russian design

they use old weapons they are more symbolic than specialist but still do not underestimate them

the church gate is a bottle neck they intend to plug

while a second group comes to assist

Bayonet charges are not uncommon for these guys
now onto the NBC and Support guys of the national forces, you may have seen some of these guys before.
direct combat is not such a good thing for support troops

a police car has recieved damage and some welding and refueling is in order

these guys stand guard just in case those blue guys appear to stop them

they work on but is there a chance that the enemies have some NBC guys?
yes the Rebels do. this guy is a converted Airfix modern NATO ground crew guy with a russian small arm from S&S models
he waits the blue gards are not going to hang around for long. things are about to get toxic

oh dear he's seen us
and the whole lot together. a bit artsy fartsy
not going to happen anytime soon but what the hell it looks cool
hope you all like this post. see you all soon

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

solo play- protect the diplomats part4

ok posting this form school so a bit of a rushed.... but now as the action heats up the conclusion is just around the corner.
where we left off
 so now we carry on this little tale of war
grenades are deadly and awsome.
 the driver of the M113 is finaly pissed off. the RPG is a threat but he is reloading... so the lumbering APC rolls back and launches grenades at the rebels. killing those behind the car and taking out the RPG. but at the same time Fixed takes out another of my men. leaving one guy up at the cross roads.
Time to go
 Bean Castrae ted realizes that the jig is up.... he calls in the get away vehichle and instucts the driver to hold the diplomat. the driver has an LMG gut he is faced but and APC not an easy situation. Bean and fixed jump in and prepare to go...
bye bye fools
 Bean get away leaving the rebels to fight for them selves. the LMG may be alon and facing odds bvut he fights valiently
LMG's are still deadly even when they are used by idiots
 The rebel takes out my final soldier up at the cross roads. leaving only my APC, I see that the rebels in the bar are closing in I need to do something bold...
this is bold
 the driver rams the accelerator down sending the M113 right at the rebel holding the diplomat. frocing him to release his grip and run into the bar. the diplomat rushes into the APC and they speed, slowly away.
cue indiana jhones music.
 the rebels run out but it is too late. my guys are away. victory is almost certain just a favourable dice roll away from victory.
that is favourable
 a good dice roll
can I cover the distance????
 I can go far but I wonder if the distance will be coverable... it is so I can make it!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!!!
the victors. the victory is sweet

the rebels are blodied but not broken

uh oh this is not good
even though they lost the rebels effort has pleased Karri .C. Tuf. deals are made. the war has just begun.

there we go the BatRep is complete. a bit rushed but I am at school posting so it has to be quick... have a nice day.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

solo play- protect the diplomats part3

well we all remember where we left off??? Good onto the next little bit...
one diplomat safe the other in increasind danger.
 lukily for me the free diplomat, due to a successful dice roll got the courage to run back over to me. the doors of the M113 open up and YES he jumps right in. One down one to go. but Bean Castrae Ted knows that his victory relies on him getting that hostage away. he shuffles over to the bar...
at the end of the turn I rolled for rienforcements.... but the rebels got to go first. Crap. an RPG and Bean Castrae Ted's hench man (far right) Fixed enter the fight.
 well I should have know that the dice would turn against me sooner or later. the roll for rienforcements turns into a great aid for the rebels. as Fixed, Bean Castrae Ted's second leads a new group into the fight. he enters on the right with the RPG at his side. that RPG could take out my M113 with ease. and get rid of my small force.
their AK-47's may not be accurate but they still hit something. a srey shot hits a guy
 just then the AK-47's finaly hit one of my soldiers, though not the intended target. he still wont be complaining he is hurt but not badly. Time for my improvised marker system...
the first LMG is down allowing the M113 to hide from the RPG
 the injured guy is really pissed off now. shooting through a window he hits the rebels hiding in the hotel doorway. with their first LMG gone my APC with diplomat and commander can get away from the RPG. soon the troops follow using the cover of the APC to hide from the AK-47's
just then the last guy by the cafe is killed. my guys run over the street dodging fire to get to the cover of the car.
 then more luck the rebel by the cafe is killed. my soldiers run over the road. they are shot at in a futile attempt by the rebels to hold them back. Bean Castrae Ted freezes due to a lack of courage. he knows that if he moves the sharp shooting soldiers will kill him.
my rienforcements arrive
 so as that turn ended I rolled for rienforcements. I got them YES. they entered with secrecy right behind the other rebels who must be wondering why the trap has not worked... one of the new soldiers is a medic, I hopped that he might proove useful especialy with the injured troop, but as you will find out he becomes more eye candy than eye surgen
bullets fly and cries are heard
 the guys are strait to business they sray bullets at the unexpecting rebels, not all hit their target but the shear quantitiy deals with any innacuracies. but have they all been killed. the smoke must clear first before we find out.
"they look dead to me sir"
 yes all dead. the truck diver is paralized with fear. firt he is shot at by an APC then bullets tear into his truch from behind. his rear view mirrors to not help him stay stronf either. those arn't rebels moving towards the cab.
my first loss but he won't be my last.
 just then one of the Rebels decideds that enough is enough. bullets rip into my soldier killing him instantly. but he won't be the last to die as the rebels find their mojo. they become more bold running upto the police car, shooting from a greater distance.
the RPG may have killed my guys but at least it did not hit the M113
 just then the RPG decides he wants some fun. he cannot accuratley hit the APC but he'll have a go. The rocket fires the deadly projectile lands only a metre away from the men... BANG!!! thier armour is useless both are killed. I worry as I am left with only 2 guys up at the cross roads. I know that sooner or later the APC will have to be bold
just then more rebels arrive through the tunnels. I am in deep trouble now. if they get out of the bar that RPG and LMG will be the death of my APC and troops I need help but where will it come from.
 I then rolled for rienforcements again the dice for me and the rebels were the same so....
but at the same time more of my guys arrive.

 we both got aid. they got more heavy equipment but they cam through the tunnels and were stuck in the bar. no RPG would be lauched from in there. the windows are to small.
run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the scania man
the new riencorcements were to much for the truck diver to handle... he speeds forwards turns in the alley and drives at the troops, but with bullets coming at him he turns and speeds off. the last of their vehichles on the boards gets away.

well then everyone. part 4 is coming up soon

Monday, 7 May 2012

solo play- protect the diplomats part2

Well I am still off sick today, which is good for you guys as I have the time to post this, but not so much for me. I'll try and remember the events as they happened. I forgot to record anything as I played. proberly should have.
anyway lets start off from where we were..
this is where we were...,
 my forces roll onto the board unaware of the ambush ahead. I decided that the cars should both have 10 armour points, and the M113 15 armour points. I also decided early on that as the M113 was designed to resist small arms fire that I would not bother to take into account the bullets from AK-47's
the enemies spring their trap. the shot up police car bolts
 as soon as I reached those cross roads all hell broke loose. the police car was badly damaged and I rolled the dice to see if it would stay and maybe the cops help out, or run away. unfortunatley they ran for it, which in hindsight may have been a good thing, a burning wreak in the middle of the road will not help me escape.
the enemies move in to trap me up at the cross roads.

just then the rebels vehicles move in, the technical is almost hit by the speeding polics car, but I decided that them colliding and killing each other would be to easy. so the police car swerved. but now the truck was in the way... the fire fight intensified up at the cross roads the tires on the black car were shot out and it could not speed away. Things were
first blood to me
 but just as I look pretty hopless. the M113 moves into position one burst of machine gun fire hits an enemy hidding behind a blown up car. I get first blood and for a long while I loose no troops to the rebels innacurate and speratic fire.
the diplomats car is halted. but my troops jump out to save them
 but lossing troops was not my main concern. I was protecting the diplomats. and they were in trouble, their car was ruined and they hit the pathment in the wrong place. right next to Mr Bean (castrae ted) him and his female acoumplace in pink moved in to pull the helpless diplomats from the car. but seeing this I realized I could do only one thing.... send in the soldiers.
the cops dodge the truck and speed away to saftey
 at that moment the polics got away. they I decided would call for help even if I lost my commander. the enermies also would also get the same chance for rienforcements. dice would decide who got aid first and how many men they would get.
the diplomats are pulled away and my men are forced to find cover.
 just then. Bean Castrae Ted pulled the diplomats from the car. if he got them off the board or into the tunnels (trap door in bar) I would loose. my soldiers scrambleed for cover as the small arms filled the street with bullets. luckily for me most of my guys were out of good range for inside urban areas and where fine. a few near misses. I also managed to injure one of their guys, then kill another. this made my position safer but not the best one.
crap they have me cornered
 the truck pulled up and the men jumped out. now my escape route was cut off. also their technical was about to fire at my M113 I had to do something...
something like that
 the M113's big gun dealt with the technical sending it tipping over and throwing the gunner onto the floor dead. more fire from it's machine gun caused other damage injuring the truck diver and making him hide under his dash board.
yes one of the diplomats is free, but can he run away.
just then back up at the cross roads the RPK hit the M113 I was releaved when the dice said that the damage was only minor. I also realised that the woman with the nearest diplomat was expossed and could be killed easily. one burst of fire realeased that poor diplomat from her cold grip. but now he had to get over to me and the APC....

I'll post some more later. I think that this was a good stage, though I might have missed some rebel shooting moments. I had not properly set up a turn system either at this point so my work was odd at best. but I liked it. I was pinned down and cut off but I was still far better equipped and trained. and I knew that would keep my guys alive much longer...


  • the police car and black car
  • control over the diplomats
  • my escape route
the rebels
  • the technical
  • 4x rebel troops (that includes the gunner)
well that is what we have so far... now onto business...
helo to JFaria from o brigadeiro & amp nice to see you following this humble little blog

Sunday, 6 May 2012

My very first game;solo play- protect the diplomats part1

ok Time to answer the main questions I bet you have... (a) yes this is the first time I have ever used minuatures in a tactical style game. (b) I'm not at school today because I have a nasty horrible cold.

this game was (a) a chance for me to try out wargaming (sort of) and (b) to test out my boards. I used some heavily modified rules I got for free online. you can find the rules here the blog appears to have been abandond and the rules are more about stats than chance. But then I came along and completley changed them. using my desire to make the game more challenging I decided that any difference between stats of target and shooter would have to be covered by a dice roll to see if the person was killed or ingured.

still very crude and I kept on forgetting what I had done as I forgot to write down what I had changed. but anyway onto the report...

the Army;
the police car and other car are for carrying non-combatence
both sides started out small with the chance of rienforcements later... here is how the army started out.
2x civilian cars
1x M113 Fire support version
5x Elite troops with M4's with red-dot sights (pistol as side arm)
1x commander with M4 with red-dot sight (pistol as side arm)

their job was to protect the diplomats in the black car, the troops would start inside the APC.

the rebels...
these guys start out with a technical a truck and a car.
 they have a larger force but are far weaker in equipment and training.
10x rebels in clothing and equiped with AK-47's
1x rebel with RPK
1x Bean Castrae Ted
1x getaway car (starts off board)
1x truck which is their APC
1x technical which starts in the garage

the two blue peices represent the diplomats and Karri .C. Tuf is just an on looker
here are the non combatents.  the diplomats are the blue things and Karri .C. Tuf is just here to see whether or not she will aid the rebels under Bean Castrae Ted...
the army is coming down from the embassy district having to use the side roads and going to wronge way down streets the police car leads sirens and lights on to alert and other vehichles (or terrorists)

hearing the approching convoy the rebels set up around the cross roads and prepare an ambush

down on the main road the truck which has 4 rebels inside

the technical starts inside the garage.

I roll the dice for my movements, as my convoy moves together they'll all move the same distance. 15cm
the board is set and the pieces are moving... just to clarify that a vehicle will normaly move 2cm for every point it got on the dice, the max it moves depends on the vehichle type the M113 can move up to 4cm for evry point on the dice, a police car 15cm and the black car 14cm. but because they are moving through a dangerous area they are moving slower than normal walking pace...

more is to be posted later. but I'll say this I found the game quite nice, and rewarding but I concluded even from the start I need some real good rules