Saturday, 19 May 2012

el guardia azul and some NBC and support guys

well hello every one I am back to normal service now. with some rather special guys. first up "el guardia azul" a special rebel force that guards the old churches and important buildings their mission is to "protect and support the cultural and historical idols of the great land of Oronegro" though the mostly fight for the rebels they have been known to swap sides if they feel that is means protecting a national treasure!
el guardia azul. take their uniform design from that of the old russian design

they use old weapons they are more symbolic than specialist but still do not underestimate them

the church gate is a bottle neck they intend to plug

while a second group comes to assist

Bayonet charges are not uncommon for these guys
now onto the NBC and Support guys of the national forces, you may have seen some of these guys before.
direct combat is not such a good thing for support troops

a police car has recieved damage and some welding and refueling is in order

these guys stand guard just in case those blue guys appear to stop them

they work on but is there a chance that the enemies have some NBC guys?
yes the Rebels do. this guy is a converted Airfix modern NATO ground crew guy with a russian small arm from S&S models
he waits the blue gards are not going to hang around for long. things are about to get toxic

oh dear he's seen us
and the whole lot together. a bit artsy fartsy
not going to happen anytime soon but what the hell it looks cool
hope you all like this post. see you all soon


  1. You're having great adventures Gowan :-D Are that the WWI Russian Infantry figures from Zvezda?

    Great post!


    1. yes hey are thenks. they were sent to me by Kekso on benno's figures forum. one spure of them in return for my old persians. a good deal! ;-)

  2. Nicely done Gowan, I like the use of WW1 era figures!

    1. thanks fran oh and frannonian troops are welcome for our regular and realistic (shoot the rebels) training exercizes