Sunday, 6 May 2012

My very first game;solo play- protect the diplomats part1

ok Time to answer the main questions I bet you have... (a) yes this is the first time I have ever used minuatures in a tactical style game. (b) I'm not at school today because I have a nasty horrible cold.

this game was (a) a chance for me to try out wargaming (sort of) and (b) to test out my boards. I used some heavily modified rules I got for free online. you can find the rules here the blog appears to have been abandond and the rules are more about stats than chance. But then I came along and completley changed them. using my desire to make the game more challenging I decided that any difference between stats of target and shooter would have to be covered by a dice roll to see if the person was killed or ingured.

still very crude and I kept on forgetting what I had done as I forgot to write down what I had changed. but anyway onto the report...

the Army;
the police car and other car are for carrying non-combatence
both sides started out small with the chance of rienforcements later... here is how the army started out.
2x civilian cars
1x M113 Fire support version
5x Elite troops with M4's with red-dot sights (pistol as side arm)
1x commander with M4 with red-dot sight (pistol as side arm)

their job was to protect the diplomats in the black car, the troops would start inside the APC.

the rebels...
these guys start out with a technical a truck and a car.
 they have a larger force but are far weaker in equipment and training.
10x rebels in clothing and equiped with AK-47's
1x rebel with RPK
1x Bean Castrae Ted
1x getaway car (starts off board)
1x truck which is their APC
1x technical which starts in the garage

the two blue peices represent the diplomats and Karri .C. Tuf is just an on looker
here are the non combatents.  the diplomats are the blue things and Karri .C. Tuf is just here to see whether or not she will aid the rebels under Bean Castrae Ted...
the army is coming down from the embassy district having to use the side roads and going to wronge way down streets the police car leads sirens and lights on to alert and other vehichles (or terrorists)

hearing the approching convoy the rebels set up around the cross roads and prepare an ambush

down on the main road the truck which has 4 rebels inside

the technical starts inside the garage.

I roll the dice for my movements, as my convoy moves together they'll all move the same distance. 15cm
the board is set and the pieces are moving... just to clarify that a vehicle will normaly move 2cm for every point it got on the dice, the max it moves depends on the vehichle type the M113 can move up to 4cm for evry point on the dice, a police car 15cm and the black car 14cm. but because they are moving through a dangerous area they are moving slower than normal walking pace...

more is to be posted later. but I'll say this I found the game quite nice, and rewarding but I concluded even from the start I need some real good rules


  1. A good beginning... This write-up will no doubt lead you to a playable sort of game to begin with, then you can test (in actual play) for bugs, refinements or gaps that need to be filled. In the situation you have here, you might also need some sort of 'Rules of Engagement' factor that inhibits the characters from shooting up innocent bystanders...

  2. Good for you. I have wholeheartedly embraced the blotting aspect, actual gaming not so much. May I suggest you look at Two Hour Wargames: Chain Reaction 3.0 Final Version? It's free from their website

  3. Nice report thus far, Gowan. I like the APC and the nicely painted figures. Look up "Wargaming an Introduction" by Neil Thomas. Though he does not include current day rules, it does have a nice set of WWII rules that can be easily modified. They were my first "real" set of rules and all mine are written from ideas in them. It is a long journey to get a set of rules working in a way that is realistic and easy, it is achievable though so don't give up. Its a shame about getting sick, feel better and Good luck!

  4. thanks guys. I am still sick today so maybe later when I feel a bit better I'll play a second small game. but I'll post the rest of this little scenario first