Sunday, 3 June 2012

rebel soldiers

well well well, it has been a while since the last post. but never the less here are some more figs for the civil war in Oronegro... the figs are some S&S model Contractors/ Special Ops with some head swaps to allow then to fit into my rebel army better. now before you go "some of them are wearing baseball caps" there is a reason for that (I just made it up :-P) the base ball caps mean they come from paramilitary units not standard army ones. so here we go the little rebel squad led by their commander who has a neck brace before you all ask.
all together. they mean business, especialy bancking

the commander and his guards. they are on watch, even in a photo shoot

"yes mum, I'll be home soon. just gotta shoot some guys" rebel on the phone. less accurate but more enraged. depending on the conversation

the commander, he got that neck brace after a fall in the hills surroundinf El Soldado

he'll make a nice edition to the forces
well there we go. now allot has happened since the last post. allot of new followers... so here we go!
greetings to Ben (victorious_secre) from Jen & Ben's wargaming figures some brilliant work a must see.
hello to Ender from enders games. thanks for following.

now last but not least, some important news. go to my projects blog for an update... I am starting the embassies. please get the names of you fantasy nations in now before I am constructing the buildings!!!!


  1. I have seen actual pictures of real SAS wearing baseball caps in Iraq, lovely work Gowan!

  2. Thanks brother J! keep up the great work. I am following this!


  3. thanks for the complement! your work is so superior to mine.

  4. Very nice work here Gowan.

  5. Those 'baseball' caps don't look at all out of place. They could as well be army issue forage caps, worn in preference to helmets in the field owing to their coolness (in all senses of the word!).

  6. Baseball caps are fine, as Fran says, there are pics of them being worn in Afghanistan and iraq..

  7. Nice figures, I like the neck brace ;)

  8. thanks allot guys... thanks Ben I wondered what people would think of the neck brace :-D