Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rebel Repair team...

well here we go. it has been a busy weekend of painting. infact I have got allot of figs done :-D now I am just going to present the first part of them... mainly because I am not sure how many I'll be able to get done this week. so the first lot are some Rebel repair guys, all dressed up in Orange. they wear NBC protection for working in those dangerous places and also they have a radio back up man to send info on their progress to others, he stands a safe distance away of coarse without the protection the crew has.
BIG thanks to David for these figs, sent by post from Portugal to NZ now that is cool. he also sent me some more figs later on but for now lets see these. (yes this is the Airfix NATO Groung Crew set).
oh dear the truck has crashed again... better send in the mechanics.

the radio operator stands well back those rockects contain very dangerous gasses.

how on earth did it end up like that???

the heroic crew after the repair. look not so shiney now.

so if you break down in Oronegro.... in a region controled by the rebels these guys will help you out
there you go folks that will be all. Recently I have been I'll but now I have recovered and I feel up to painting... Ok if you look at the projects blog I have not done any work on the embassies but give me a chance... you need to rescue team in case of emergencies, which I do not have. or do I???? keep you eyes glued to the blogrolls everyone. more are coming soon.


  1. Looks good!
    the old AIRFIX are not bad at all!
    imaginative use of them....

  2. thanks... I have seen paul paint them before. I decided to do something alittle different for the ones I have

  3. I like them and they have good uses!

  4. Yeah, good choice of Gowan

  5. Really good work Gowan!


  6. thanks guys, I really am glad they turned out well as close to the end they got really shiney... I then added another orange coat over the top and got this result