Monday, 8 October 2012

UN Germans

these figures represent the German peacekeeping force sent to Oronegro in 2022, they are well equipped and wear the German armies new jungle/tropical camouflage! they are mostly used in controlling checkpoints within the larger cities, however with the outbreak of total war on Europe in 2022-2023 they were stranded in Oronegro. this has caused them to become more involved in the conflict and although they never go onto the front lines they can still be seen behind them and in more unstable areas in the cities.
sorry about not posting these earlier but first I had to ask my dad if I could his camera, then we had to find the camera (found in the car yesterday)  and finlay we needed the adaptor which was at collage, which my father picked up today, so sorry for the delay, here are the figs :-)
the streets are filled with an unfamiliar language, dogs bark and sirens go off in the distance

The German force in La Ley has been sent to deal with a potential car bomb

all ways are checked, no cars must be allowed close, all civilians and potential rebels have been removed

these 3 were found they must be searched, any could have a devise to remotely detonate the bomb

the bomb disposal team is hard at work if a bomb is in the car it is small, but nothing can be left to chance

voices come from a building and some soldiers go to see what is going on

all eyes and ears are tuned to any threats

and of coarse they all bear the German flag on their left arm.
there you go the Germans, back to school next week. I hoped to get more figures done but unfortunately my friend introduced me to a new addictive computer game and so y plans have been ruined :-( damn anyway back to the normal routine soon so figures will again be on the production line... instead of games. OH and we have found that part of the floor was completely rotten, so the house has been in chaos, and so painting would have been difficult anyway.


  1. Good colours for the uniforms Gowan. Nicely carried thru.

  2. Well done! I love the camo and the UN helmets, as well as the red dot sights on the G36's. Good work all around.

    1. thankyou ben, I worked hard to get the camo just right because I know you always work so hard on your camouflage

  3. Yes, very well done. The camo is great and the details are quite good. I think I would go mad trying to paint UN that small.

    1. I am already mad so I decided that it was time to paint some :-)

  4. I bloody like those, good work Gowan!