Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Barbarian's town gate

Wow those barbarians obviously didn't realise that people can go around walls :-)

I don't know what that sign say's but it's proberly something like "please don't go around the wall because otherwize you can't pay the toll"

Simple ladder to get atop the walls
View down the passage behind the wall. I might put some accessories in there when it's done :-D

Looking from inside the town at the closed gates
same view but the gates are open. But no one is coming in :-(
This little beuty is hand made. It's only a few bits of balsa, foamcard, plywood, card, cocktail sticks, bits of wood, dirt, glue and paint. It's not finnished but it's almost done. I just need to fill some cracks (no rude jokes you lot) add some grass and ground cover. I might even try to edit the base by removing a few layers of the plywood so it would match up with other hard board. :-)


  1. looks very good! good work on the wood effect: I like!

  2. I'm also a fan of homemade... "stuff"! :D
    Liked this very much.
    Can you show the gate (and how it connects with the wall) closer?

  3. OK Atreides I will try but basicly here is a description.
    The gate is made of two pieces of balsa wood with a piece of card sandwiched between them. This card is then also sandwiched between the foam wall and anouther piece of balsa wood that is place upright against the wall. This allows the gate to open and close. :-)

  4. Thanks. Good idea.
    But... Aren't you afraid that the card eventually worns out? Or you aren't going to move that gate THAT often?! :)

  5. I used quite tough card and no it wont move that much