Monday, 12 December 2011

Elvish Ambush

I decided a while back my world needed some elves but the only set of 1/72 scale elves I could find were by ceaser not that it was a bad set it looked great, but what I wanted was a selection of sets I could get. My other dilema is that I have all these old sets that do not fit into my new fantasy world...

SO... I, after alot of thought, decided to solve both problems in one fell swoop :-). My old greek models were reserected and now are going to represent the elves in my world. Now for all of you out there who think elves and greeks have no similarities here is a line out of "The Children of Hurin" by the great fanticy writer J.R.R Tolkien "Now the phalanx of the guard of the king broke through the ranks of orcs, and Turgon hewed his way to the side of his brother". Now if you don't know who Tolkien was  HE'S THE MAN WHO WROTE THE LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!
So my elves are greeks if you don't like that I don't care :-p
This guy (the greek/elf) may not look like much but he was the first 1/72 scale figure I ever painted. So you could say this is the man who started this all

A few elf hoplites have blocked an escape route while the skirmishers rain fire down on the hapless barbarians

Not the three musketeers but their pre gunpowder forebears, yes they were decennded from elves, the three archerreers

overview of the whole ambush. Yes that is my leg in shot.

some barbarians flee while some fights and others are paralized with fear, or maybe it's because their plastic and can't run away and have realized resistance is futile. :-D


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