Friday, 16 December 2011

The map of the land so far...2

Ok that was quick I'm posting this now just because The change is so!!! dramatic so what do you think goood average or bad. Unfortunactley the camera lens made such a shadow but ignore that as best you can.

Plebium a small roman farming town

Equitebus a small roman town

Bregust (during an eclips :-p) the capital of the Bregustans

whole map with that man again. Look closely can you spot the dragon and his caves in the mountains?

Closer look at the map. Still there is that eclips or is it the shadow of a UFO?

Shadows gone :-D. Try and spot the dragon now...

Flavaicum the romans main city

 a view of magnus and the roman boarder wall
Ok I will work more on this map some other time but thats enough for today and yes I will get back to working on the models. But the next post will be a medieval tournemant hosted by the wisards and then some silly stuff! He He :-D

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  1. Every time I read fantasy I want a decent map, and this looks promising! Read some book where nothing fitted the maps in the book and it was quite annoying. :-D