Sunday, 11 December 2011

The fanticy world in which my Game is set

 This is a short intro to my world
Terra Incognita is a roman/fantasy war game where the mighty legions of Rome are pitted against the supernatural forces of the Arch demon. The war game is set on one of Rome’s northern boarders. There are many barbarians in this game who will play a key roll as they fight for survival. The game starts with the forces of the arch demon in the far north in a dark fortress surrounded by mountains, they are ready for an invasion called by all the tribes surrounding the dark lands; a ravaging. In the south start the Romans blissfully unaware of the terrible plague coming from the north. In between the two super powers of the game are various barbarian tribes and villages some loyal to Rome others neutral and peaceful wile some of those in the north are infected by a madness that causes them to be savage and worship the arch demon. The fate of the land hangs in the balance as the arch demon prepares for war who will warn the Romans who will save the lands who can stop the Arch-demon?

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