Monday, 12 December 2011

Roman Confrence in farm house?

Ok here are the first of the Romans and they are slightly lost but they found this nice farm house (hand made) and are talking about: Why is there a baby in that cradle when the parents aren't home?

Who have we got here a baby, a couple of centurions, two generals, a guard and someone coming to burn the house down.

The guards and a toarch bearer.

Nice view of the muddy garden and roof

These two would be promoted if they had been smart enough to realize it's harder for people to get in when the door is closed :-p

The baby is not so easy to see but it's in the cradel next to the table
What do you think I may not have produced an excelent model building but it aint bad eh.


  1. Hi...thanks for following my blog....and welcome to the world of blogging..I really like your fantasy medievals :-D
    A great Forum for 1/72nd fanatics is Bennos. If you can´t find it on google..sometimes it doesn´t link´s linked on my blog under favourite forums. Great bunch of helpfull friendly people.

  2. PS...I forgot to tell need to put your blog on the open/public setting (in the setting section so that when someone clicks on your avatar (in the followers list) it links back to your profile and then they can source your blog.
    PPS...the scratch made bed is good as well :-D

  3. Hey thanks paul Don't know exactly how to change the open/public setting because I can't find it :-(. What I did manage to do was look at Bennos forum it's great. Thanks for recomending it I found an easy tutorial on how to make spears and arrows out of plastic spure and have begun mass production :-D BIG THANKS again.