Sunday, 11 December 2011

well now here we go.

Made this guy myself. With stuff caled due kit and paper towle

sorry realy out of focus but I used my sister's i-pod so not a very good camera

this is my final one not so bad a focus this time

These are the first figures I'm going to show you. Now you may be wondering: What are these? Well the ringwraith thing is ment to be a normal wraith, the guys below are a few men at arms and the final guy is an armoured wizard. So what are these all about. Well I've been collecting many different 1/72 scale models for years now and because of all the different genres I finnaly thought of a way to combine them. A Fanticy world that exsists on Rome's German Boarder. This world includes elves, who are my old greek models, a wizard power made up of differnt types of wizards, dwarves, orcs, barbarians, roman's of coarse and much more!

The wall in the background is scratch built and unfinnished and I'am hoping to use a better camera in future!

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