Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Works in progress post1

Ok well I thought that maybe I should start a new topic on my blog. One that people could enjoy to look at and respond to. After not much thought I came up with a work in progress thread. Here you can see what I am up to and make comments on what I should do next, give me tips, ask for advice or make a special request. Like one of the figs be made in your likeness :-P

So Here is the first shots of my work in progress...

This is part of the stands for the Italeri Medieval Challange set. Basicaly this part  is done but the rest needs doing

Here is the ruins thet go with it I am going to move onto drybrushing the stone work. Then  adding some other texture like moss growing in the mortar. Then the roof and assembley

The quintain I've added a scratch built shield

Oh I forgot to show you the wood texture I added to the stand.
Now onto some figs...

A mixed bag here some English archers and a English man-at-arms. A French man-at-arms. All of which will make their way into my wizards army for my RPG. Also Finnaly I have a Thracian who is likely just to become a generic barbarian. 

A nice close up on the Thracian and his shield. I really like this pattern and would like to hear your advice on this. He is a HaT figure and I don't know why when I look at him why HaT have a "bad" reputation.
so here if the first work in progress post. I am working on more stuff alot more but this here is what I am doing today. I am hoping to finnish everything you see above soon. The Tournament stands this week if I am luckey :-D


  1. Looks good so far. But at this stage of the project it's hard to give advice. The woodwork on the stand is good, and stones on the ruine need, like you said yourself a drybrush. It's to glossy now.
    The skintone on the figures need a second layer of paint and a flesh tone wash. I can see the plastic color under it.
    Go on Gowan, very nice project!


  2. Cool project, like the wood and ruine a lot.
    Hope to see the result soon, here and on Benno´s ;-)


  3. Nice Blog mate, link added

  4. @ Peter thanks for the advice I'm hoping to put another couple of pics up today.
    @ Atreides. It would not be a work in progress without the progress :-D