Thursday, 29 December 2011

Works in progress post2

Ok no figs this time but hey I have worked on the ruin...

So it is almost put together now. The Tube of paint in the background should give you a hint as to the colour of the roof :-P

Still a bit of drybrushing to do but it looks ok. GRRR that mold line is still there

Even as I was taking these pictures I could not resist the urge  to add vines growing up the ruin. They are made from Lichen that I painted green and, as is plain to seee, applied with a bit of PVA
Well there you have it not much work has been done on the figs though. Oh and any of you who were interesetd in the maps I was doing for my RPG sorry no progress to report I have other things like this ruin to do.


  1. Oh I can't help myself. Here is a bit of humour for ya. As soon as I posted the above post. I got an add for removing lichen and moss. Is that not such an awsome coincidence especialy after I show how I am applying lichen to my ruin. :-P

    Oh and I forgot to mention I found a good sized bit of plywood lying around so that will be the base for my tournament dio/wargame accesory.

  2. You made some good progress Gowan! Really nice!