Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cultists Vs wizard and knights

If you have read my pdf you know what this is about if not read :-P. The evil cultist worloard now strives to kill the great wizard Nilrem and his accomplis Lord Ruhtra and his knights of the square table.
They charge their warcries fill the air with anger

Ok this is an example of my fathers camera in action... Here is it in normal photo mode

in macro mode

in super macro look at the image quality. It shows all the mistakes I make very well

The cultists carrying out their orders while the warlord calls for rienforcements.

more cultists this one seems to come from gondor :-P

They close lances at the ready swords waving in the air

The wizard orders the cavalry to form a wedge

Nilrem the powerful carrying the great golden staff

Lord Ruhtra flanked by his knights

Notice this knight's horse. It has a strange tail. The tail is scratch built because the origional fell off.

So they charge into one anouther who will win the day? Who knows all I know is that those cultists are ountumbered


  1. Gowan! you can do some corrections on the figures!
    the macro-photos are a good tool for seeing all the defaults!
    Nevertheless, they are good! You work very fast!

  2. @ sam :-p my woek is actualy very slow many off these on show are very old ones hence why some have better detail than others. The wizard, The cultist warlord and a couple of the Cultists are the only new figs here. But my work is improving all the time and slowly I am getting better quality paints and brushes and learning better techniques so one day soon maybe I will work fast.