Saturday, 31 December 2011

works in progress post4

ah well here is a progect for 2012. A base and lanscape for my Tournament and challenge sets part dio part wargame terrain here is a plan of it on the plywood base

well just to show you that plywood is a good material. Look how the pieces line up. nice and uniform and it is less likely to warp

zoomed out shot. You all proberly recognise the wall and gate

part of it is set aside for the joust

the ruin slightly out of focus. You will note the block. This is the remains of the rest of the structure .

view of the other end othe ruined structure these blockes are made out of shaped pumice
So I have something to do this year you can follow this project on this site or on bennosfigureforum. I will put it under projects with the title Gowans tournament. Happy new year. And to any of you who think the world will end this year it better not or I'll only be able to see the first half of the hobbit :-P

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