Monday, 12 December 2011

Improved Pics of fantasy models

So here are some better pics not perfect, very quickly done but atleast decent :-)

I'ts a showdown

The wraith. Like I said before this fella is home made with due-kit and paper towel, oh and paint :-)

Men at arms and an injered knight. A little shadow sorry I was in a rush but much nicer don't you think

A Mounted worrior Wizard. Ok alot of shadow still nice and look  the staff and it's head are hand made once again due-kit and some wire

Close up on the man at arms with a ridiculously long halbard like thing. Look he's got eyes and if you look a little closer eye brows.

The injered knight he is a cross between an Italeri mounted Crusader knights (Top part) and an Italeri English Knights of the 100 yaer war, Dismounted Knight or man at arms.
Ok We'll all agree that these are much better and I feel at least they do my work more justice than those other pics ;-) Please comment

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