Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ANZAC DAY... remembering war and those who fell

well today is a sad day, a day to look back a day to remember. But also a day to hope. For me it is a day of school and so I am using it to paint, ever with the thoughts of real war in the back of my head, I wish that we could replace real war with war games but that is a pointless dream as it is impossible... But Let me tell you a bit about my families involvement in the great war and the second world war...

Two of my great grandfathers were in the wars...
My fathers, fathers father was involved in WWII. I am sure he killed the most people as he was in the (cough) Catering Corp, he cooked food. He fought (cooked) in Germany and stayed on after the war. I am proud of him as he seems a nice peaceful character and did not go to kill (intentionally) he would have seen the horrors of war but not made them.

the same cannot be said for my other great grandfather...

My mothers, mothers father was a scientist so I guess you can see where this story might go... He was a member of the royal scientific society (I think that is what it is called) and worked in research and production for weapons... During WWI. This meant chemical weaponry, the greatest horror that joined the battlefield in the war. so while he was back home away from the front he helped cause some major atrocities.

but for the previous generations the family has been peaceful (except for my mothers father who was a Freemason) my own father is an ardent pacafist and took part in demonstracions against the placement of Nukes in the UK during the cold war... the CIA must have a photo of him somewhere. as for me I only like wargames though I am sure that my father would prefer I went back to my N scale railway as it is non-war related.

hope you enjoyed my post... let us never forget the fallen