Thursday, 21 March 2013

final tank of tank week - Challenger 1

Okay guys here we go the final tank of tank week! the Challenger 1, the most modern of tank received and also in 1/76 scale! So what is smaller than a Challenge? a competition... so let me introduce the Competitor1

bringing up the rear is the Competitor 1 if the other tanks failed to remove the rebels this will!

the Competitor 1 is one of the few Light Main Battle Tanks that can still be found in large numbers within the Oronegrean armed forces! its strong composite armour and high speed make it useful even against normal sized MTB's. The tank has been a total success since its introduction in 1985 and replaced many of the chieftain tanks in the boarder units. the Competitor 1 has had no replacement as a smaller version of the challenger 2 proved unsatisfactory and efforts to make the hydrogen fuel cell tank engine (as seen in some Oronegrean tanks) consumed much of the budget for research and design in the Oronegrean Ministry of Defence.

a comparison... between the Challenger 2 and the Competitor 1

close up on some tools!

THERE WE GO THE FINAL TANK :-D hope you guys have a great weekend! I have more to show you either this weekend or next week! this will be my newly completed Mafia hit men (4 same pose - but the classic one) and a mounted man firing.  perhaps some more even if I have the time to finish an photograph them. busy, busy, busy all these moderns that were close to being done have been quick to complete.

have a good day/night everyone.


  1. Looks like another success to me! It has been a nice tank week. These will be really nice for games in the future.
    I look forward to what is next: mafia week sounds a bit more sinister though...

    1. well I don't think it will be Mafia week, but still it would be sinister.