Saturday, 6 April 2013

PMC's, Frogmen and the Cavalry

well hello everyone have I got a strange and fantastic line up for you all today! I have done an 8km walk/jog from my local black sand beach to our town... the annual Sand to Mud fun run, I wore a large backpack which was more cumbersome than heavy but I did it all to help raise funds for some friends school trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. lucky buggers, I am one year to old to go, sounds really fun anyway on with the figs!

First up some PMC's love them or hate them (depend on whose side their one usually) these guys are a reality in warfare and as such are in Oronegro also. a real mix here, some can also be rebels or special forces depending on the situation. A nice mix of Caesar figures, all except one are from the old special forces set with the one on the centre left being from their old WW2 resistance set.

All together! all these photo's are taken on my new table which is for wargaming and a workbench... my work room is the garage and I have to share it but its a start.

nice little scene. perhaps thats the clients car they are protecting

they here something out front

this guy has come out a bit dark in the photo but still that bandanna stands out

can you spot the badge? yes it is easy, but what do you think... I might make this a normal feature on some PMC's

 Now we come to the Frogmen! these men wear a highly experimental camouflage which tries to emulate the colour or the waters surface at night, it has greens and blues and whites which can either simulate moonlight or torchlight on the waters surface. I hope you like these guys. Again these are Caesar figs from their old special forces set (I will get the new one... I will find a use for the archer) it is annoying that their in only one swimming man when their are four on land, but hey I guess that in a game the single man would represent the fact they are hard to see underwater.

all of the frogmen, nice guys, Elhiem makes some as well though I don't think I'll get those

nice view of the camouflage
 Now the age of the cavalry man may be long dead but I think that even today a man on a horse can still be a threat, especially in urban warfare. this figure is a combination of a Hat allied cavalryman, a Caesar special forces officer and the Horse is from the Zvezda Macedonian cavalry set. sadly in the pictures the figure was not the focus of the image, rather the grain in the table but oh well. an interesting addition to the Oronegro story.

horse is an odd colour but I am afraid that's just the way things turned out

will he be useful? I don't know but a horse is still fast and if it kicks you body armour might not help

BTW if you were wondering what place I came in the sand to mud, even walking I managed to get 494th and it only took me 1 hour 10 minutes so not bad really. I hope you all have a good day, wherever you are and whatever you are planning to do.


  1. I agree, each one is great!
    The frogmen's camouflage is very cool, but the tigerstripe on the PMC is my favorite.

  2. You are developing quite a range of military types, Gowan, with plenty of variety and a very broad scope. I was thinking, though, that the PMC (?) boys might be engaged in a side line of car conversions of the type seen in the Nicolas Cage movie 'Gone in 60 seconds.' Could be a lucrative business ... and an entree into the Oronegrin Underworld... :-)

    1. interesting, very interesting. though to be honest I would think that these guys are just protecting a nice car. lets face it if were guarding a car like those that they would be better armed, and not have kept it here in the middle of a battle ground.

      still interesting and yes I am opening up as many different military types, as well as non-military. I want to be able to have a few normal military battles as well as a few RPG games.

  3. Good job on the frogman camo, from the description it sounds kind of kooky but on the model it works.

    1. thanks. I think the Frogmen will be an interesting inclusion to any river, coastal or sea based game... an attack on an oil rig would be interesting.