Saturday, 1 June 2013

model x extravaganza 2013 or...

... where I went instead of Arnhem. Well for some of you today (Sunday 3rd) you went to FIGZ but for me I went to West wave, Henderson. I have been there before Many years ago. I bought my first Train set then, and today I did buy some stuff which I'll get to at the end...
Pete (man with glasses looking very interested) kindly invited us along.
 Well I didn't know this was on until Friday night when I got a call from Pete who lives down the road. He makes models as well but not as many as I do (those his are far better). Anyway he invited my father and I to come along with him and his little daughter (she got more than me :-D... most importantly of all a Aston Martin DB5 model) to the Model X extravaganza! Naturally I said yes! and although his nephew who is one of my friends did not come due to have cold induced sea lion barking impression syndrome. we had a good time.

One thing to note though was the distinct lack of traders :-( lots of second hand stuff being sold by a couple of traders but then not much and mostly Aircraft and mostly the same aircraft. Toy World was selling their stock there but apart from Airfix that there wasn't much. and the second hand guys mostly sold old aircraft kits... good prices but NO figures... Toy World had some but they were the usual Airfix WW2 stuff I did see a few tank kits but very few in 1/72... I did pass up an Abrahms from Hasegawa so there was at least some. anyway still lots to see as it was also a craft show, some cool steam punk stuff also. (my dad almost bought some doctor who stuff, but shhh I didn't tell you that)

FORMULA 1 cars! Where is the Ferrari? bugger they don't have the right selection of cars.... DID YOU KNOW I HAVE SAT IN MICHAEL SCHUMACHER F1 CAR??? well I did a long, long time ago. it was a Ferrari, therefore the right type of F1 car.
 Now we get some Large ships of various scales! sorry that I cannot identify them all for you. but F 421 in the second picture is the Canterbury and judging from the size of the helicopter and the figs on it we think its 1/72 :-D

spot the Bismark! the tower up the top is to be found out in the Waitamata harbour in Auckland.

various scales but we are almost certain the Canterbury here is 1/72 perhaps the one below but not quite sure

more ships... can you spot the inaccurate Apache (or Comanche I cannot quite tell) on one of the ships there?

More ships! some very nice models but not really useful for my wargaming... unless I did a beach-landing and we had a naval battle
 Now comes several pictures of train sets... one N scale the type I have... not that I play with it anymore :-( sadly the transformer/controller for mine is broken and the price of getting a new one is large... why I changed hobby really.

This is the sort of thing I would have done... bit of sadness but hey if I did this there would be no Oronegro!

anyway perhaps I can sell off some of those trains or something their a bit sad in their current packed away state.

OO or 1/76 compatible with my models but for large layouts N scale is better (but costs so much more)

I like this one. small but detailed

very similar, but different... not much to comment about... not my area of expertise
 Corgi stuff! all display stuff though, :-( a few of those would be great for Oronegro, have a fire truck or something. Oh well I have already complained about the amount of traders so I'll not start that rant again

cool! is there any other way to describe this?

its all very nice and all but where's the rust and missing paint? these poor things haven't been loved to death.
AND NOW WHAT I GOT :-D well this pretty much sums up what was available... something From Airfix and something second hand! My look was relatively small. Pete's daughter got a few (one of which I wish I had got one of as well) and my dad didn't get anything though he was tempted. SO what did I get...

Airfix and something that claimed to be made in Poland yet the spur said made in USSR.
A new Airfix 1/76 scale T34/85 MEDIUM TANK (exactly how they wrote it on the box see) which will be for my rebel forces. I love the T-34 so its no surprise I got it... there was a T-55 in 1/35 which made me sad and a Lynx with soldiers (Afghanistan) for 1/48 which made me also sad. BUT I did get a second hand Lynx! which can be made into an army or navy version. this is not the modern version though and its missing one piece... which is half the nose cone for the Army version (I might make it army anyway and use the other nose though) NOW here is an odd thing. when I look at the box its got Polish writing on it, the bag with the spurs in has a sticker that says made in Poland... the Spurs say made in USSR (which along with the small pictures for painting showing patters for the lynx in 1973 and 1975) date this kit quite a bit BUT its a Lynx, the worlds fastest helicopter, a British helicopter, and a classic so I am happy.

The lynx also came with a strange container inside, I thought perhaps it contained the missing bit but after getting it open it had some strange plastic thing? anyway looks a bit suspect so I think thats going in the bin... keeping the kit of-course.

Have a good time guys! Looks like there is another event in September I never heard of also so I may go to that. if anyone was wondering I have had a lot of school work and distractions recently so model work is at an all time low.

Finally we come to a new Follower :-) welcome to Nick Johnson from somewhere? I cannot find your blog I am afraid. anyway Welcome to the blog.

have a good queens birthday off all you guys in New Zealand and I hope you all have a good time wherever you are in the world this coming week!


  1. looks like you had a great day also, Gowan!


  2. Some cool looking models and displays but the lack of traders sounded awful, was it not advertised well?

    1. well I guess not. lets face it I didn't know about it until Pete told me. But Pete also says there was far more last year so perhaps they have had a rough time of it... the local shop in the neighbouring town recently closed down as well so its not looking to good.

  3. Since that Lynx has three windows on the cabin door I would think that its a Matchbox copy, probably the same as the one I made in April. Its a nice kit well done!

  4. you did the army version. I really liked it and would have copied it myself if I had the other half nose cone for that one. lets see what I can patch together. would have done the middle one in honour of middle wallop, near to where my father grew up I think.

    anyway we'll see what I do.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us Gowan! Maybe you must show your work on the show next year. ;-)