Monday, 19 December 2016

Estafanía - Dhow

Hi everyone I am back with a new vessel to show you all. This time round it is something more exotic: A Dhow. These vessels have been used since ancient times in the waters around the Arabian Peninsular and Indian Ocean. They can also be found in the Mediterranean which is how, via settlers, it ended up in Oronegro. Used by fishermen, traders, pirates and many others they are a much loved if rare vessel. Larger ones are employed by the Oronegrean navy from time to time. This one is not one of these vessels. It is more suited to fishing, trade and a wee bit of piracy.
A few pirates have managed to commandeer la Estafaía. They seem harmless enough right now.

I could probably have made the mast and sail a little bigger. And maybe raked the mast forward a bit more

close up of the bow.

Look over the stern

Name plate. I used a fine marker pen for this

And a close shot of the pirates
 Well that's it for today. I have another boat well on the way. It is a cross between a pirate ship and a Greco-Roman warship. It is quite strange but I think you'll like it. Anyway I have a few little things to show you before the year is out. The figures I painted while I was away (these pirates are included in that list).

But for now I wish you all a good day/night. Please comment and subscribe to my little blog. It's always nice to get feedback. :-D


  1. Gowan, your seagoing craft improve in quality and character each time you build one. This is a particularly fine model.

    1. why thank you very much! :-D As they say practice makes perfect. Although perfection is unattainable. Glad you like the boats.