Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Here is a little man from my Italeri Medieval Tournament he is one of the french knights. So he is now a standard bearer for the wizards, one more thing is that he is the first fig that I primed before I painted. :-D I finnaly got some acrilic primer (For Christmas :-D I also got some other useful stuff). So without further adoo here he is!

Close up on his face. Look I have done his eyes :-D

Oh this guy is fussy he says that I didn't get the picture from the right angle



Detail on sword
So I hope you all enjoyed christmas. Some of you may have got all those useful things you needed, Like I did. Some of you may have got those figs you wanted all year. I did not :-( I cant seem to get hold of any figs from Valdemar. But I know some of you got both and some got none but hey thats life. So Look forwards to the new year. Oh I should mention that it is summer here so to all of you in the northern hemisphere don't expect to much from me, as I am likely to be on the beach :-P


  1. Very good work! the eyes are perfect!!!
    just one thing: maybe, the metal is too glossy: a simple wash could be good?

  2. The eyes give him a bit cartoonish look. Very nice painted knight!


  3. Nice details on that miniature! Can't paint eyes on a 28mm figure, you can do it on a 20mm one!

  4. Nice painted figure. The face looks great!

  5. I'm glad you like it and I am trying to make my figs less glosy, Thanks for commenting Sam about that. The eyes were very dificult especialy when all I have to work with is a fine brush that I cut, at an angle to make it pointy and my eyes. No magnifying glass or stand to hold him still! That is the truth I do not lie.