Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Tournement!!!

"Come one, come all too the tournement there will be jousting by our very special guests the Rus twins... Then back by popular demand it is the mad knight sword fight. Who will win todays events and go home with one of the lovely ladies in waiting... Will one of the Rus twins go home unhappy as the other gets the girl. Or will friar tuk be happy as he walks of with lady silvia after she bet on her hand in marrige that the great Sir H Edd Less would win the duel"....Finnaly to the relief of many I return to my models with this pretty picture perfect post. :-D alliteration
First up the joust. The Rus twins charge with real lances :-(

The spectators friar Tuk is there behind Lady Silvia

The officials and support crew. It's just like a modern football match. Look going from right to left we have the  commentator the coach the referee and the riot police :-P

They charge again 

and again. they can't seem to hurt one another they just keep saying "family violence is not OK"

The crowd is getting bored time to move on to the duel

The ladies watch as Sir H Edd Less takes on the undefeated Sir Chea ting 

Who is that guy on the left talking too and where is friar Tuk. He's ment to be watching this

It looks Like Lady Silvia is distracted  by Sir H Edd Less's motionlessness 

the comepetitors close

On the right Sir Chea Ting on the left Sir H Edd Less
Well then the results... The joust was a tie as both men could not dismount each other so no prize for them. Sir Chea Ting won the duel but friar Tuk could not take Lady Silvia's hand in marrage as he was found later by police with multiple stabb wounds, in a ditch by the side of the road with a note that read "Sir H Edd Less is the only man I lady Silvia would ever marry". Police have no suspects in this case and believe friar Tuk died of natural causes. Lady Silvia went on to marry Sir H Edd Less. Sir Chea Ting was given 100 coins for his vicoty.


  1. Good work Gowan! All the ITALERI "tounament" set, wahou! maybe you can do some more shading on the painting? and why it seems to be so glossy? flash or paint?

  2. The gloss problem is due to the fact that I cannot get hold of real paints (professional model paints). I have to use simple artist paints I can get at the local post office. So I am stuck with some pretty odd colours and paints that come off with the slightest chance. Recently I have been tying to solve this problem and so I am starting to solve this problem.