Sunday, 1 January 2012

Gowans Tournament project post1

Ok I'll make a seperate post for this project so that those who wish to only look at this project may do so. Here she is so far the earth and base layer of grass has been added along with the fence that runs down the centre of the joust.

A birds eye view of the whole Tournament grounds. Wow this image makes me look really tall. It is very earthy at this stage but that is a good thing

the end of the fence...The ground is not too flat but that shall be amended later on when I start to sort out ground cover and grass

almost a moon scape. Well to me this means a whole lot of potencial would you not agree. :-D
Not too many pics but hey not much to show. More on the way I've just got to buy some more PVA glue it runs out so fast.

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