Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tournament Project Finnished

Here it is long awaited by many here for your viewing. :-D
The not so grand grand stand in all it's grandure :-P

The quintain and some tents

I am trying out my new camera. It has 10 megapixels so this out of focus shot is my fault not it's

The foreground shows the rich peoples stands and in the distance an area behind the guard rail for the riff raff

Look at this knight isn't he moving fast

This one ain't

The herald

The trumpetures

ref and guard

a peasant rushing in trying not to miss the tournament

The loverly ladies and their poor old father


now onto the duels...

Knight A with huge spooky eyes

The man who has to break up the fights. i would not wan't his job

Knight B who is slightly scared by Knight A's eyes

The cleaner attending to his duties by his masters tent

The quintain

The whole Joust

The whole Tournament grounds
I hpoe you have enjoyed this project as much as I have. :-) I am off on the 14th of January on a school spanish trip to Argentina. I am gone for 14 days accompanied by 14 girls and my father a great leader of school trips, He famously (in Korea) co-lead the first European school trip to South Korea, also we have my very funny profesora de Espanol (female spanish teacher) who is actualy german, go figure. So I hope to have lots of pics to show you though they are a bit out of place here. :-D

See you all again soon....Gowan


  1. Lovely. You should put some landscape pictures behind it, or take it outside and take photos from along a flat/nearly horizontal angle with trees/bushes (or a landscape) behind the dio. It will give it tons of depth, a toch of reality and bring out the great colours more.

  2. Great looking tournament Gowan. I really liked knight "a" and "b," and the guy cleaning, nice touches. The base is great to. Ben.

  3. By the way, have fun in Argentina, sounds like fun.

  4. Wonderfull base and painted figures Gowan!

    Some advice about the figures. Try to find you some washes (for example the GW ones). It will give your figures a better look.

    Have a nice trip with the ladies!


  5. @ ben a few hours till I'm off to the airport so your kind gesture of wishing me luck came just in time :-D

    @peter& paul I have tacken note of both your tips and hope in the future to use them... My next few projects will also be on plywood. I am hoping that I can make more dios that could link up with this one or stand alone... I am going to make a whloe lot of tents on one board, it could represent more of the knights or just a marching camp. I will also have a path leading to a village which could either be the outskirts of the place where the Tournament is being held or just some place being raided :-D

    more work for the future then I shall post pics of my trip here and at Benno's forum when I get back Till then.
    Hasta luego