Tuesday, 27 November 2012

HMS Peter another Oronegrean Rivership

WOW another post, another ship this week has been remarkable hasn't it? well Sorry that I am not able to present a model celebrating international Hobbit day (today) but hey why not another ship?

HMS Peter is another Oronegrean Rivership/ warboat of the 3rd rate boat of the line class. Like HMS Anne, Peter carries 2 guns of an older type and has a square sail along with a lantern one. However there are a few differences Peter has a smooth bow unlike Anne and the raised cover on the stern is slightly better, also Peter has a different rudder design.
This is because unlike Anne, Peter was made by  los Barcos del Mehobeck instead of Alberto y hijos. there are a few advantages to Peters design and a few disadvantages on the whole both boats are roughly equal in the eyes of a captain. Peter is more manoeuvrable while Anne is more resilient and strong. Anne's guns have a longer range and are more powerful, Peter's are easily replaced. Anne has greater cargo/ ammunition capacity, Peter can travel is shallower waters. The list goes on but enough for now. Paul is also on the way so keep an eye pealed for the third, third boat of the line :-D
A look at the new ship to enter the Oronegrean river fleet. Peter is ready to set sail up Oronegro's many rivers and along its coasts

Peter notice there is no eye as the Mehobeck tribe feel that giving the boat and eye will give it a mind of its own... which is dangerous!

a look at the stern, the flag and the different rudder that is one of the things setting it apart from Anne

the tiller and the cabin... you can also just see the rope for docking.

the deck hatch which is larger than on Anne

the bow with the anchor

a side high elevation of the ship

a nice side on view.

and the guns with crosses on. hang on whats that next to the ship?

Anne pulls along side peter

gang planks are put across the gap. now imagine what it will be like once I get a pirate ship... the sea battles will be cool

our intrepid figure that has been showing of the figures crosses the gap

another look at the ships note the new front rigging on both vessels... just thought it looks cool :-)

Peter and Anne sail away.... wait a moment... MAN OVER BOARD... :-P
there you go folks and Paul is on the way... soon we can have some ship battles, and when Matt's AFV's get here (well after Christmas) we can have some mechanised battles also... maybe combine them. will be odd but sailing ships like these (minus the guns) still sail the water.


  1. This is wonderful Gowan. How do you get all this done so quickly? I'm really looking forward to ship battles and I hope my cannons aim is true and that I destroy my opponents vessels!!

  2. Give me a little time to find a Dark Sword miniature that would characterize you and I promise I will write you into my story. I'm so very touched by your kind treatment of me. It's the least I can do.

  3. that would be a great honor. I think that Anne needs more cannons and weapons so that she can take on any opponent with victory almost certain every time!

  4. You are building so fast!!
    Great work, Gowan!

    1. thanks... but really since the last post there was not much to do.

  5. As David says, that´s fast work..

    1. thanks paul... don't forget that Paul is on the way :-D

  6. You could start a shipyard, great speed Gowan.

    1. I could but I need more names... the family is running out of people so perhaps I could resort to followers and hope not to many sign up until I get the boats done :-D

  7. Finally I meet Anne! :-D Great work Gowan, but I need more guns!

    I'm honoured with this ship, thank you very much!