Sunday, 9 December 2012

One Year of blogger!!!

well nearly... anyway what a year it has been I have gone from Romans and medieval to moderns and now the 18th century. but most of All I have made Oronegro perhaps the cornerstone of all my future modelling. I will celebrate one year of Oronegro later on so we'll get that then (the day I came back from Argentina.

so how to celebrate?

A dog walk with Oscar;
here is an odd presentation but I thought why not let them see a bit of Waiuku, other than the parts they can see on the Adds (if interested ask). so lets go on an Oscar walk to see some of the town in which I live.
Looking down racecourse RD where you can play golf ... yes confusing right

is the grass greener over those hills? NO! because on the other side is a strip of black sand and then the Tasman sea (no you can't  see Australia... thank goodness)

The Waiuku river estuary unfortunately the tide was out :-( looks 100% nicer when its in

Down by the pirate house... there is a  little pond

ah time for some pretty pictures I think

behind me is the estuary BTW


all I see is ducks

I really should have gone out at high tide.... actually I did later but I forgot the camera... bugger

Town beautification effort remove those mangroves.... those invasive pests need to be driven back so once more the Port of Waiuku can open up... on a much smaller scale than before

the rolling hills around here... are ancient sand dunes, one area is full of black iron rich sand, which feeds the steel mill which supports this town... this sand gives us our black sand beaches

I used to live on that side of town... sandspit Rd apparently the nicer part but not really well where we lived

and not lets forget the star of the walk

its hard on these hot summer days when your wearing a fur coat and can't sweat it out

arty photo's sorry

a peak at sandspit.... golden sand, onto mud. hmm not the nicest


more arty photo's

4 (four)

the golf coarse that makes up most of racecourse road... no there is no racecourse

Something for you warmth hungry northerners

a Pōhutukawa or New Zealand Christmas tree pretty isn't it.

and down the driveway we come to my house... come and visit if you are ever in New Zealand... or at least this end of the country.... (this is for my mum the walls are made from reclaimed brick from a monastery, it was built in the 1990's despite its appearances)

the rabbits cages... 2 young girls right and ye olde bunny on the left

hahaha some of you are wishing you were getting these temperatures.... oh its in degrees Celsius.
Well happy one year of my blogging. in this year I have managed to paint many, many figures, perhaps 200-300 figs, I have managed to build 3 boats, 1 tank, 1APC which I turned into a howitzer, 1 BM-23-4, 1 truck, not to mention all those buildings for the city of Lay Ley in the 21st century, and even then I got those other places done, the tournament grounds, the little roman house, which is pretty generic, the little gate and wall that I included in my first post and I managed to use up my photo allowance (whoops). I cannot wait to see what the second year of blogger brings :-D (lets hope no spam and not using up the photo allowance)


  1. Great pictures! It's bloody minus -3°C here despite the smog and greenhouse effect and weather report says it will be -13°C by the middle of the week, no snow, obviously. Envying you so much right now.

    1. ouch... what if I send you a box of hot air and you send me some nice cold air... perhaps we can get a nice mild temprature when they mix

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! You have been very productive. I'll have to go back and look at your other building projects, but your boats are my favorites. Keep up the great work.

  3. I agree, Happy birthday! This blog has seen a massive amount of work pass through it, your constant improvements show it too. Congratulations! Oh, nice pictures of your town: the black sand sounds interesting.

    1. thanks, the black sand is cool. its also fun I once took a magnet to the beach... that was pretty amazing seeing all the sand stick to it... imagine if you used on of those large electromagnets from a scrapyard... you would get the whole beach :-)

  4. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I am looking forward to seeing another year of your work!

    1. thanks Brian, I am looking forwards to what you'll be doing next year

  5. Congratulations, Gowan. It looks nice where you live. Is that pond swimmable in? Time was I used to go swimming in local rivers (this as a kid living in Taranaki). It seems these days one daren't get too close to the water at all.

    1. Oh I don't swim there as it's right next to the "pirate house" cool place, I should have photo'd it... anyway the beach is really close anyway

  6. Congratulations Gowan. It's so pretty there. You've got the perfect scenery for when you and Oscar go on walkies.

    Here's to a great second year of blogging!

    1. thanks... we sometimes take him down to the forrest or the beach, but I like the town none the less. no wonder its used in adds... must post those adverts here, just to show you more of our town

  7. Happy Blog Birthday Gowan! Great photos!!

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  9. Congratulations, Gowan! In what concerns to your blog and your modelling, It's been a great year!

    Your city looks very nice!

    1. thankyou... oh BTW its a mere town not a city. thought there is one near by