Monday, 5 December 2016

San Fancisco, Naval ship

Kia Ora everyone. I have returned once more from university and have got something to show you all.This is the San Francisco. A small Oronegrean warship which mainly operates in coastal waters but can sail out into the open sea and up larger rivers. She has an armament of 8 cannon and swivel guns although both of these will be made and added later. (probably scratch built or I'll buy a set with some cannon, if you know how to get a set of cannon please let me know.) She is the largest of the Oronegrean naval vessels I have, as can be seen in the comparisons below. So on with the pics. For more information on Oronegrean patrol ships like this one click here.

After waiting for me to return from the city the San Francisco was completed.

Here is a comparison between the San Francisco, the Anne and the Carlos

Comparison from above

view of the starboard bow, the jib and flying job are my only real gripe with this model

The deck is a bit more crowded on this one, which makes figure placement more difficult

view of starboard side. I am very pleased with the prow on this ship

view of the stern, as you can see I added a name plate back here also.

view of the bow.

Bow detail, note the handwritten name plate and horizontal capstan.

stern. Note the grate in the deck, that took me ages to do but was so worth it.

stern detail. I tried to make the ships wheel as realistic as possible, I feel I did a decent job.

Of course she would not be complete without her colours. The Oronegrean flag flies proud

the roof to the cabin can be removed revealing a small room large enough for a few figs (and painting).

More shots of the bow. I really like the bowsprit as well. if only the jibs had worked out.

view from above. The San Francisco is quite narrow which again makes figure placement harder.

Now the Oronegreans have something capable of taking on the mighty Abigail.
Well that'll do for now. I hope you like the San Francisco. My next post will probably be of the few figures I painted while I was up at university. I also made a small boat so that will be shown as well. The next project I will work on will probably be a dhow that I started way back at the beginning of the year. Followed by a weird pirate ship my friend wanted then..... Well maybe something a bit different. Perhaps a design from the Orient? Finally I also reached my goal of doubling the size of my fleet from 4-8 ships/boats. So that's something to be happy about.

Anyway goodday/night everyone and I wish you all a great summer/winter and I will be back soon with more little treasures to show you.


  1. Cracker mate! Welcome home

    1. Thanks. Also Vietnam, Japan or China? Got some ship plans I want to try.

  2. I can imagine some stirring riverine actions along the Mosquito Coast, wi' Cap'n Salazar O'Shaunessy de la Vesta in command. How are you going to glaze the great cabin? Some sort of mesh would be the go I think.

    You can get brass cannon from a hobby ship and do with them what I did with these:
    You cab actually get them with just a part of the barrel as if they were poking out from a lower gun deck. I daresay it is unlikely you'll be building two-decker ships of the line, though.

    Alternatively you could make cannon out of plastic tube with a cut down jolt-head nail giving it some weight and forming the cascabel (the round knobby thing at the rear of the gun barrel. The truck/carriage is easy enough to make, with dowel wheels. The wheels on my siege guns are a bit on the large side, so you could easily make them smaller.

    Great to see you back Gowan. Hope your studies are going well.

    1. Thanks Ion. Studies are going well enough, I decided to do my planning course part time next year, with some other courses to pad it out: history, Spanish societies (will be handy for Oronegro, and basic German.

      I won't be glazing the cabin, mainly so that I can get figures to shoot out of it and because I don't have enough mesh of the right size.

      Thanks for the tip about the cannon. As for scratch built I could make them like I made the others for the river boats. Hole punched card stacked and glued worked well for the wheels there.

      Also, and this is important. China, Vietnam or Japan? (yes this is boat related, all of the above works but it'll take longer)

    2. I reckon it depends upon who interests you most. Is this part of the Oronegrean project or a whole new gig? And are you looking at blue water navies, inshore, or 'brown water' navies (i.e. riverine). It is not an area I know anything much about.

      Thinking about the great cabin thing, it occurred to me that you would probably be more likely to have your shooters lining the rail along the quarter deck, and or small parties of sharpshooters in the fighting tops.

      Whatever - these projects look like a heck of a lot of fun, leading to all sorts of possibilities.

    3. It's all part of Oronegro. But I decided to broaden the range of people represented in the sea. After all Oronegro is a home for all sorts of refugees and misfits. Which is basically a convenient excuse to build anything.

      As for whether these are for riverine or inshore, either really. Given the size of the boats it's not likely that I'll build something too huge.

  3. Very nice work Gowan! Your fleet is going from strength to strength!
    As regards a set with naval cannon, you might want to consider this one:

    1. Thankyou sir. And I have had my eye on that set for quite some time now.there is also:
      But they would need some converting work.

    2. Who knew? That looks like a very handy box indeed. Long guns and carronades - plenty of crew figures and 24 marines into the bargain. Tempting, to say the least!