Saturday, 19 October 2019

Men In Black

Well so far I am just about keeping my promise of one post per week. These figures can find a vast range of uses from bodyguards to businessmen. They also work quite well as members of the MIB, or Ministerio de Investigación Burocrática (Ministry of Bureaucratic investigation). The MIB's claimed role is to investigate how well other ministries are doing their job. They specialise in resolving those odd pest control matters for nondescript organisms, sealing those undetected gas leaks causing hallucinations and putting a stop to unscheduled tunnelling that causes strange roaring and rumbling from below ground. All those slip ups caused by other ministries and bureaucratic institutions these are within the purview of the MIB. Lots of pictures today so let's get on with it.

Black suits, black ties, black shoes, black glasses, hmm anything else in the uniform? Ah yes black underwear (not shown)
So the reason I have so many photos for you today is that I originally took a set using my nice black blanket indoors using a mix of natural and artificial light. As is always the case these didn't turn out as I would like. So I took another set outdoors with full natural light. These turned out much better. With one exception. So when it came to doing my usual editing I had a bit of an issue. I could simply reject the first set and go with the second. However, I am not one to do anything that simple and sensible. So instead I heavily edited the first set with filters and other magic settings then also kept the second basically as is. These first photos give a cool stylistic look but aren't a very good representation of the models themselves. The second is much better except for the final one which was so fuzzy I made it blue in rage.

After all the filter work the problem with this first set is still clear. Despite my best efforts the light washed out the guy on the right.
Like to think this one has a film like look. Perhaps some old school buddy cop?  
Two agents explore the forest at night.... or something, the blanket texture is very good for mysterious backgrounds
So the MIB, you may have guessed by now, doesn't really investigate the slip ups of other ministries, at least not as claimed. Really they deal with the supernatural, extraterrestrial and other things best not allowed to run amok.
Last of the first set. Now onto some more unedited ones.
Moving onto the second set. These were taken in a brief gap in the clouds. Sadly this gap only lasted for so long. The final figure was very out of focus, I believe this was probably because it was taken as the clouds once again blocked the sun and the difference in light level was enough to upset my camera's macro focus.

As you can see more clearly I dry brushed these to an extent just to give a sense of depth to the suit.
Decided to go with a simple black base. Could be tarmac or dirt at night. Both appropriate settings for the MIB
Poor guy on the right is showing the signs of stress induced from this line of work.
A nickname for the MIB is the Ministerio de Innatación Burocrática, ministry of bureaucratic inaction. After all to the public this ministry doesn't seem to do much at all. Plenty of gas leaks around. Why just the one causing Juan to scream about martians?
Did I really take this many photos of this specific pose? Guess so.
When I first started painting this was perhaps my least favourite of the two poses. But now that I am done I kinda like it.
Of the two he is the better sculpt. The collar being far better on this sculpt.
Anyway here's the one that refused to focus and so got the extreme filter treatment. This concludes the pictures.
These miniatures are from Elheim Figures. These two are some of the older sculpts they stock. Not as nice as the newer ones. Which is what is the likely post for next week. This week has been the Men in Black, next week will hopefully be the Women in Black. More Elheim miniatures and newer ones too. Having a lot fun painting them. I hope you will like them too.

Although I will also put a proviso here, in case I don't get out another post for next week. Have the last assignment for one of my papers due next Wednesday and the due date for my dissertation is coming up. The end of university is very close but lots of work to get done first. I have to knuckle down and finish up these last pieces of coursework.

Well I will leave this here. Haven't really thought out what I will do with the Ministerio de Investigación Burocrática just yet. Obviously they are based on the Men In Black, which has been oddly popping up recently. Must go back and watch the original sometime.

However, that's something for me to do. For the rest of you I wish you all the very best and have a good day/night wherever you are. Just remember, that strange howling on full moon nights. Just strange local traditions. Don't go outside on these nights.


  1. Hi Gowan, original and funny 😊
    Are they 20mm tall or bigger ?

    1. Thank you very much. They are 20mm. My camera is surprisingly powerful given it's age and the price it was sold at back when it was bought. Makes these minis look so much bigger even after I cropped these images to widescreen format.

  2. Good work on those good figs, Gowan !
    ( I don't talk about the pictures, hehe, it's so difficult !... )
    Maybe can you give the scale or the size ? Agree with Philotep's purpose !

    1. Thank you kindly. They are 20mm scale. Everything I post will be 20mm/1/72 unless I explicitly state otherwise. After all I have 1/72 in the blogs name.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you sir. Black is so incredibly hard to get right. You'd think you would just paint them black but no. To get it right you need many coats of black (to hide primer well) then dry brushes of grey then careful application of black in places to create shadow.

      Much more difficult than simply applying washes to lighter colours to give shadow.

  4. I still like the 'Military Intelligence Bureau' label, though another possibility seems to be 'Ministry of Information and Broadcasting'.

    Those chappies have the right mix of urbanity, mystery and menace. H'mmm. Could take a leaf out of the French: 'Segunda Mesa'.