Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cafe for city streets finished

ok I have finnished the first building the cafe here it is
first floor

ground floor

main elevation

looking in

through the windows
This end of the street shall be occupied by the terrorists so now they have a useful base. windows for sniping furniture for cover all they need in their fight for freedom. :-D
So there you have it one cafe for the terrorists and citizens alike.


  1. I wouldn't enter there!! That place needs a new managment! :D

    Nice work, Gowan!

  2. well it is just like a bar in the wild west so long as you arn't a stranger.... well maybe so long as you arn't in uniform or look wealthy. This is a european or South American city so it wont be like terrorists in the middle east. no holding hostages against the USA

  3. Very good so far, I agree with David, the manager is kind of creepy. I think you said something about mixing some slums in with the better buildings? If so, try ripping the outside layer of paper off some cardboard for the corrugated part, it makes a great tin roof. Ben.