Tuesday, 21 February 2012

MY first metal figs!!!

OK today I got my first metal figs. :-D. they were a sample Kindly sent to me from the guys at S&S models. so thankyou alot guys. I will use this moment to ask for advise on how to paint them... They aren't my first metal figs really I used to get the games Workshop LOTR models but I never got anything like these before. So I do know A few things... Base coat acryllic and then paint.

the 4 samples from strait on

from a snipers point... they are dead meat. hahahaha
OK there you go these are a sample of the S&S model range of Modern Germans and Troops with M16's and M60's. I really like them can't wait to paint them.


  1. They look nice!
    That's the way I paint mine - base coat acryllic and paint - just like plastic figures.


  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll begin painting ASAP