Monday, 20 February 2012

modern streets post6

Ok here we go 2 buildings done, sort of I will add more in soon of coarse but they are done so far as they need to be. (for me to be happy with them). So here we go then.
after his failed attack on the town the cat went home and his brother licked his wounds...

this gave the citizens time to build. Here is the water tower added earlier but now it is up and running

the streets. the shops roof is done. It's ment to be tilled with tarpoline over areas  where it is leaking. it is leaking alot :-P

the hotel has been given it's first paint and basic weathering

the sand bag wall. made from cooked playdough.

the shops and it's roof

the sand bag wall is removable

the shops roof close up to give a better look at the tiles and tarp. Also made from cooked playdough and paper-towel

the whole board from a different angle
Hope you enjoy this update. once more I have found support in the locals of Waiuku. maybe progress will speed up :-D

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