Sunday, 18 March 2012

1/72 scale rocket from a pen and milk carten.

Ok here is something I doubt you've seen before... A rocket in 1/72 scale made from and old pen and the plastic from a milk catern. so without further adoo...
finnal count down. 5..4..3..3..1.. 

woooooosh! or not :-P ok it does not work.

take a look at the rocket. simple and it looks well  like a little rocket
so there you have it I'll now say a big helo to sebastosfig who is me newest follower. I hope that you all enjoyed this little presentation. If you want I shall make a tutorial on how to make these little ballistic missles... I am sorry I cannot publish how to make a real one... The CIA needs no more encouragement to arrest me :-P


  1. I love that and could do with a few...

  2. Now all you need is a couple of marker pens and you can make an inter- ballistic one or.....a toilet roll tube and do a Dr Evil and send one to the moon :-D