Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ceasar US Elite Force

OK they are all done finnaly. Now I can display them with pride and not regret over the fact I have a small army waiting for their turn infront of the camera. I perfected the batch system while making these guys come to life. 5 figs a batch 2 batches a weekend and 1 during the week. I am glad that these guys look so good and I would like your opinion on them also.
So here they are the Ceasar figs now as the elite force of 2020 south america
the streets erupt in a large fire fight troops rush to positions bombs drop from the sky the sound of jets and helicopters drowns out the sound of the orders that are given now is the hour where these men's training and skill are to be tested

bullets fly and grenades are thrown the street is full of movement and danger the sand bag wall offers little protection but some cover is better than none

singer missles take down jets while machine guns mow down  troops and rocket launchers take out advancing trucks

the hotel is now a fort the entrace a LMG position the windows gun ports

the desk now doubles as a defence as soldiers lay cover fire down for their friends in the street

the lmg brings death to many while other troops try and not  be killed while they kill

A rocket lancher is brought to the door as a tank rolls towards the defences

upstairs more troops use the their higher position to locate and take out any  hotiles they see

the rooms once known for comfort are now known for their bullet casings.

and on the roof a sniper and his freinds prepare to take out all the more dangerous targets be it helicopter hidden soldier or enemy defences

the old cafe is now surving ammo instead of coffee

the upsairs dinning area is now a firring gallery

the Elite guards prowl the tabels looking for any explosives or trap doors

the blown up police car now once more helps the law be encforced as troops hide behind it and rain death on their foes
 There we go the whole lot are done. now for the first time I shall acknolage my followers on this blog there are many of them so this may take a while...
Helo too

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well there you go all my followers. I hope your all pleased. That took me ages to make that list. but there you go and please comment on the figs


  1. It's better like this Gowan!!
    good closed pictures on the figures! (maybe, don't forget to paint the bases: it will be "cleaner"!

  2. Replies
    1. the story of the game is that there has been a rebelion in a fictcious south american country in the year 2020. (like to call the country, colombia sin drogas... colobia without drugs). the army is fighting back against a rebel general who is based out in the rain forest and in a bunker here in the city... who will win